Sunday, November 23, 2008

"You have a freak flag. You just don't fly it."

Whew! What a welcomed weekend this one was! Last week was busy with finishing up observation hours, projects, etc. I was so glad when Friday afternoon finally got here. Friday night, Josh and I thought we'd go out to eat, and headed out to Patton Creek to see what struck us as most appealing. We decided to try Cafe Lazio, an Italian cafe. While we were waiting to be seated, Rebecca Morris, the mother of Gordy (5), a little boy that was in my class when I taught 3 yr old preschool a few years ago. He also has two little brothers, Mack (3) and Sanders (2). They are all PRECIOUS! I got to go nanny for them at the beach for 3 weeks summer of 2007 and it was so much fun. Anyways... back to topic. Got a call from Rebecca in a panic for a last-minute babysitter. Since we didn't have anything going on other than dinner, and we could really use the extra money, we took her up on her plea for help. We got our dinner to go and headed over there. Rebecca had been home alone with the boys all week b/c her husband, Ben, had been in trial out-of-town all week, and she really needed an evening out of the house. It worked out really well, b/c we got some time to play with the boys and Ben ended up getting home like an hour after Rebecca left. Saturday, I spent the morning on the couch drinking hot chocolate and watching tv with Miley, while Josh braved the cold weather to ride his bike. "The Family Stone," one of my favorite movies, was on tv, so I made sure to watch and Tivo it, so I can re-watch it later! :o) That afternoon, we went to a wedding, where we got to hang out with my parents :o) and see sweet friends like Bridget and Steve Adams! After the wedding, we picked up a few movies ("You Don't Mess with the Zohan" and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall") and headed home to thaw. Today, Josh and I spent some time being lazy watching movies, and then this afternoon/evening, we got to work on the house. Josh went outside to get some much-needed yard work done, while I did stuff inside. I've been working on cleaning out/purging the house for a few weeks now. I was hoping to be finished the first week, but school has kept me busier than I'd expected, and the job has been strung out a bit. Ah well. It will feel AMAZING when it is all finished! Today, I started tackling my closet.... WHEW! I'm trying to be more ruthless than usual, so I can get rid of a bunch of clothes/junk I don't need/wear.

Well.... I guess it's time to get back to the cleaning/purging.... Any good purging/organizing advice? A neat one (that I'm actually not doing haha) is to turn all of your clothes hangers in your closet backwards, and after you wear an item, hang it up and place the hanger the correct way. After a year, look at the hangers that are still backwards, and those are the ones that you didn't wear for a whole year! "They" say you should definitely get rid of those clothes. It's a good idea... I'm not sure if I'm brave enough lol... Hmmm... well, maybe I'll consider it!

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Sarah Beth said...

I love The Family Stone and watched it this weekend as well!! It is so sad BUT so good :)