Saturday, March 27, 2010

Belly pics weeks 30-32

30 weeks 6 days.... measuring 47 weeks!
31 weeks 5 days
32 weeks 5 days.... measuring 49 weeks!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

EZ 2 Nurse

I'm probably more than appropriately excited that my twin breastfeeding pillow came today!

Monday, March 22, 2010

BIG ole babies!

Heading out the door to go eat with my honey, but wanted to share the latest update with y'all!~ Doctor appointment was great today. Josh's momma drove down just so she could go with us b/c there was an ultrasound--so sweet of Gigi! Both boys are measuring about 3 weeks ahead of schedule, which is awesome. Jack Henry weighed in at approx 4 lbs 13 oz and Harrison weighed in at approx 5 lbs 3 oz! BIG ole babies! They are in the 70th percentile for SINGLE babies! Dr. Banks said they don't have the technology for twins, but he'd put them in the 90th percentile for twin size! My 32 week belly measured 49 weeks! I'll try to post the last few belly shots when I get back. My man is super hungry, so I'm out the door! G'night y'all!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Following "Hey Y'all"

I don't know much about the "following" process b/c I mostly look at the list of blogs on the bottom right of our blog and then sometimes I "blog stalk" others' blogs through those. Ha ha... I had a reader comment that I don't have a follow section or she'd be following our blog, so I thought I'd add it for those interested :o) You can find it under the "about me" section in the column on the right. It's very flattering and touches my heart that anyone is interested and enjoys reading about our life! Thank you!

Hope y'all are having a BEAUTIFUL Friday!
Praise the Lord for this amazing weather today!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The hospital bag checklist...

So, based on talking to my friend Eden, my mom, and all of your wonderful advice, here is the list I've got so far for packing our hospital bag:

*nursing bra/tanks (i'm only taking nursing tanks from Target to wear under jammies)
*call list
*jammies---i got 2 deep V-neck night gowns from Target that are crazy soft!
*big panties
*thin house coat-b/c i might want to put it on, but dont want to be hot
*slippers---slip on in case my feet swell
*video camera/dig camera
*makeup-in case i feel like it
*"going home outfits" for the babies
*a loose/comfty outfit for me to wear home
*nursing pads
*paper/pen-or note pad to remember questions (i will be on meds haha) and to write down info to later put in baby book
*blow dryer-in case i feel like it haha
*netbook (our small laptop to upload pics!)
*special toboggans from aunt paige (josh is bringing ones from hospital home to miley so she can start getting used to new scent)
*hospital favors for josh to hand out---TBD what we're doing but i want something to make josh feel special as a new daddy :o)
*pillow/blanket for josh
*flip flops for shower
*pillow/blanket for me
*twin nursing pillow in case i want it. i've been told that i might not want it b/c of my incision, but i'm brining it in the car just in case.
*change of clothes/toiletries for josh

Am I missing anything? I know the list seems long but I don't really feel like there are frivolous items on it.

Great advice from Anna was also to leave my stuff in the car (except cameras) until after my c-section because there will not be a good place for me to put it, and it will also give Josh a nice breather to get out of the hospital and walk to the car after an exciting, yet crazy busy morning.

Thank y'all so much for your advice. You are always such a great resource and willing to help when I need your wisdom. Thank you for taking the time to help me! Y'all are amazing!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Checklist...

As the big arrival of our sweet boys gets closer, I've started a list of things that need to happen, such as going to the fire department to have them install our carseats.... and getting the boys set up with a pediatrician (which I did this AM! YAY!). Those type of things.

Josh and I have decided that starting at a certain week, we will be taking the hospital bag in the car for every appointment just in case. I know that a lot of mommies read our blog and was hoping for your advice.

What do y'all recommend that I put in my hospital bag? (I'm planning to breastfeed)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dr. appt today

We had our weekly doctor appointment today. It was just the appointment part-no ultrasound, b/c he orders ultrasounds every other week and we had one last Tuesday. The babies' heart rates were healthy and in the 140s. My blood pressure was nice and low (as usual--thank goodness that has not been an issue for me in the slightest). Dr. Banks measured my 30 week belly's fundal height, which came out to be 47 weeks!!! Crazy! He wants me resting as much as possible, which is great with me! Haha. Sweet Josh is having/has already had to take over some responsibilities around the house such as grocery shopping, bathing miley, walking miley, etc. He's a wonderful husband and will be such a sweet daddy to these baby boys! Dr. Banks is also predicting that the boys will be about 6.5-7 lbs a piece around 36-37 weeks, which is when he's predicting I'll deliver. We'll see! :o)

Today is actually Josh's birthday.... He's 28 years young. :o)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET JOSHY! I love you so, so much!~

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Nursery... almost finished!

Well, I told y'all I'd post some pictures of the nursery and here they are!

Tree artwork: drawn by Lera Jean Roddam and painted by my mom and sister, Paige

A little background:
Bedding, rug, alphabet cards, window panels, small suitcases (not visible in pics) and changing pad cover: Land of Nod
Beds and changing table: Jenny Lind off Craigslist
Chair: Storkland
Dog: Birmingham Humane Society

I am LOVING how it's turning out. Hope you do, too! A lot of hours of love have gone into it. We still have a few finishing touches left. Oh, and sorry about the plastic over the beds. They are on there b/c the bedding is clean and we didn't want it to get nasty before the babies came. Once we finish, I'll take/share some pics w/o the plastic of the finished product.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Belly pics weeks 27-29

I'm sorry, y'all! I didn't realize quite how long it'd been since my last post. I've mostly been busy with school and getting the nursery ready for these precious babies. Oh, and I was also in a wedding, which was humorous. I'm exhausted today from a combination of an INCREDIBLE baby shower thrown for us yesterday with getting up at 5:30 this AM to do my homework (b/c I was too tired last night)....soooo I won't be writing a big post today... maybe I'll give it a shot this afternoon, but wanted to post my belly pics from the last few weeks. Hope you're all wonderfully blessed and I'm sure you're enjoying this BEAUTIFUL weather as much as I am! :o) I will say, however, that today is a big day.... for some reason, throughout my whole pregnancy, I've thought of 30 WEEKS as some big milestone. There's nothing of note that I'm aware of, other than the fact that, to me, once you hit the 30's in weeks, you are in the home stretch with a baby(ies) on the way! Last week, the boys were 29 weeks and weighing in at 3 lbs 10 oz (A) and 3 lbs 13 oz (B). Dr. Banks said that because the boys are so big, he thinks that I'll get to about 36 (full term for twins) or 37 weeks, my body will just say that it's had enough and I'll start having big contractions that'll lead to us scheduling my c-section. That would mean that the babies will be here in approx 6-7 weeks. Absolutely. Insane. We'll see! Here are the belly pics... You can probably tell that I'm growing forward, but what you might not be able to tell from these pics, is my belly also widening lol...
27 weeks-I think I was measuring 42 weeks28 weeks-measuring 43 weeks29 weeks-measuring 44 weeksAs you can see in the background, we've done some major work in the nursery! I'll post some pictures of that very soon so you can check it out :)