Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Big boy beds... Part 2

I am embarrassed to say that we JUST got them in the bed (9:45pm---VERY late for my 7 or 7:30pm bedtime boys) bc when we went to my parents house to celebrate my sisters' bday tonight, we didn't realize quite how much work we left for when we got back---putting bed rails together and putting sheets on beds. We also got back late from their house. Haha... Ah well. Nothing we can do now! They were very excited about the beds and have requested we scoot rails up higher on bed. I think they're a little weirded out by big hole up by their heads. We pushed them up as far as we could. They'll get used to it. Just part of growing and change! :) They're so much fun and getting so big... Im so grateful for my healthy, happy babies.. I mean "big boys"! They'll always be my sweet little sugar babies though!

Big boy beds... And tears.

So I thought I was pretty fine with breaking down the boys' cribs to move to big boy twin beds with rails... Until I saw it actually happening and memories of bringing them home from the hospital and as infant flooded my mind... And I cried. Haha. :) The boys (H) have been climbing out of the crib and into brothers bed and it's just not the safest thing to be doing.... And really defeats the "confinement" purpose (other than sleeping of course) of the cribs these days. So, we are moving to big beds. Please, please pray for us as my heart hurts some in this change and my babies growing up (plus i looove their sweet Land of Nod filled nursery!) but also because it is going to have some of its own growing pains, I'm sure. Thanks in advance :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

The escapee.

I heard the boys being loud during nap time so I went in to do my mommy thing and get them to lay down and go to sleep and I was surprised at what I'd found. H had climbed from his bed into JH's! JH had moved his bed away from the wall and just close enough to H's for him to climb over for some brother snuggles and mischief. Haha. Looks like we'll be making the transition to big boy beds a lot sooner than I'd expected!

Would love advice on the process... And keeping them in the big beds... Especially if you have twins!