Thursday, July 30, 2009

quick update....

well, i promised y'all an update today, so i had to make good on my promise. when i made that promise, however, i did not forsee staying up until 2am last night doing a project for school... SO... i'll give you a quick little update and a better one this weekend or early next week since we are headed to nashvegas to see the in-laws this weekend!

well... thanks to all of you incredible readers, i narrowed down all of your many glowing OBGYN recommendations... and josh and i went to meet with Dr. Greg Banks last week. i had a feeling that we were going to really like him, but just in case, i also made an appointment with Dr. Kennedy. however, after meeting Dr. Banks, I called and canceled it. we absolutely loved him and are excited for him to be my doctor and then sometime in the future, mine and our growing baby's doctor! i wanted josh to go with me to make sure that he liked him because, while he will be my doctor, he will also be handling my pregnancies eventually and it is very important to me that josh likes who i am putting in charge of my care during pregnancy!

hmmm... school is going well. i literally just finished my last class of summer school 2009! YAY! i have a paper and a final exam next thursday and then i will be off for about a week...and i get to start all over again with new classes lol... oh well. i'm enjoying being back in school and it's going very well, which is great for my self-esteem and morale :) during my time off, we are going to visit my BFF joy, her hubby, and her parents at their cabin in blue ridge, GA and then the next weekend, we're going to my parents' lake house on beautiful lake martin with 3 couples from our sunday school with whom we've gotten really close over the past few years. we all met right before each of us got married (weddings january 20, may 12, may 19, and june 9), so it's been special having such a special part of our lives in common!

something very sad is the fact that i had to tell my other BFF eden bye today. :o( she, her baby wyatt, puppy Buck, and her hubby josh are moving out to lemoore, CA because josh is a navy pilot and that's where they have been stationed. i have to admit, i really teared up. because she is pregnant with #2, which she just found out yesterday is a GIRL, she will not be back to birmingham before baby girl keever is born in december. i've already prepped mr. josh gamble by being very clear with my expectations about going to visit them this fall and once the baby is born in december, which i learned in pre-marital counseling lol... needless to say, he was very receptive. :o)

also on a sad/veeeery exciting note, miss laura grace brannon officially goes to auburn for vet school tomorrow AM! i am so so so excited for her and this incredible and impressive new chapter in her life that she is starting, and honestly... a little envious... of her new beginning, new house, new city, etc. she is going to work hard, but have the time of her life. i couldnt be happier for her :o)

well, it turns out that i have written you a little more than i'd originally planned lol... i'm glad though.... b/c i was feeling bad that i couldnt make good on my promise. i'm off to bed my loves. thanks for taking the time to read. leave me some comments and let me know you're out there!

goodnight, y'all!!!


Allison said...

Hey girl! You made me tear up talking about eden moving! My best friend also lives in CA and it has been very hard on both of us b/c the last time i saw her was SIX years ago! Since we have both gotten married and had little girls. I am hoping to get to see her this November though, so i am super excited about that. P.S. Get Preggo already! LOL

Alexis said...

I just wanted to put in a quick note that Dr.Banks has been my OB/GYN since I was 18 and I absolutely adore him!! He always makes me feel comfortable and I will definitely be using him when I get married and have kids. Great choice!!
-Alexis Petelos

Kimmie said...

Glad you like your OB. Its so important when you are in the midst of pregnancy! sad, that eden moved too! i'm so excited about them having a little girl! wyatt is not going to know what to do.:)
have a great week!