Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gamble life.

So... lately, we haven't been up to a TON, but I wanted to post anyways b/c it'd been a while. Josh and I are doing really well. This weekend, we are actually keeping sweet Elsie Marie Brannon while my parents are out of town. She's been a delight and I'm so proud of my sweet Miley for sharing her pup-mom, pup-dad, water bowl, etc. with Elsie with such a sweet and cheerful heart. Makes a pup-mama proud :o) As you might remember from a previous post, Elsie is here post-surgery to have a 2.5 lb tumor removed and she seems like she's back to feeling great! What a relief. She "talks" to me and runs outside to go potty, etc. Needless to say, she wasn't very chatty or into running when she had that tumor in her!

Lately, we've also been spending a good bit of time with my Aunt Sharon and Uncle Ira. There's really no specific reason as to why other than enjoying their company just hanging out at their house and talking about wedding stuff--- My cousin Rachel got engaged a few weekends ago up in NYC on the Brooklyn Bridge! Her new fiance' Chris (such a sweetheart) did a wonderful job planning the trip and getting friends and family to come up to surprise Rachel with a post-engagement gathering. As a PR (public relations) gal, Rachel loves a good party, so it was very thoughtful of Chris to speak to her heart that way. BTW the ring is absolutely beautiful with diamonds in the band and a round solitaire diamond. (Great job, Chris!) Last weekend, my cousin Rachel came to town to do wedding stuff with my aunt. They got some vendors nailed down and I'm HONORED that she has asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. She and I have not only been cousins, but friends for a long time, visiting each other in college and now we'll both have been in each others' weddings. When we were little, Rachel even gave me one of those best friends necklaces where we each wore one half. Now that she's finally settled somewhere a little closer to home, I am looking forward to visiting her more often and getting back to close friends again, especially now that we'll both be old married ladies :o) It will be fun to chat about our hubbies and married life. I know that she has made a lot of close friends over the years in the various cities in which she has lived (Birmingham, AL (hometown); NYC, NY (worked after undergrad); Lexington, VA (undergrad) ; Athens, GA (Grad school) ; and Nashville, TN (now as an adult). It means a lot to me to have been asked. I hope that she really knows that. From what I know of Rachel's taste and the details about the wedding so far, it is going to be a gorgeous celebration next Fall! Can't wait, Rachie!

Hmm... Josh recently interviewed for a new job. Without going into detail (I'll post more if he gets the job), I'd really appreciate it if you'd all take a minute (or more) to pray for us and Josh's job situation. He is planning to keep training on the side, so please keep spreading the word, but will have another main job that will hopefully be better able to provide for us. Thank you for your prayers!

I guess that's it, for now. Hopefully we'll have some good news to report on Josh's job situation soon. Have a great Saturday, Y'all!

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