Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Part 4 July

The first weekend of July was 4th of July weekend and just like we do every year, we packed up and headed to beautiful Lake Martin! Except this year, we had two little love muffins in tow! Needless to say, it was quite a different 4th for the Gambles. We did not go to the fire works and I don't think we'll be going next year either b/c the boys will only be 15 months old then.

Originally, we were going to have to leave that afternoon, but Josh got his Monday shift moved to working in Sylacauga (close to lake house) so we could stay longer. He didn't have to work until 11am on Tuesday, so we were able to stay through Tuesday morning. We love getting as much time in at the lake as possible!
An exciting event of the weekend was the boys' first play date with Sawyer Scott, who is actually only 4 days older than they are! I went to school growing up with his daddy, Keith, and actually met his mommy in a breastfeeding support group when the babies were 2 weeks old. I saw Keith at our 10 year high school reunion and we are planning to all get together soon. Josh and I are really excited :) I'm hoping Keith and Josh will hit it off as buddies b/c I really like his wife Lindsey!

Gigi (Josh's mom) bought the boys their patriotic onesies when she was visiting the weekend before. Here are some pictures from the weekend...
To begin.... some of Harrison's many faces.... He is so expressive!
Aunt Podge, you are so funny!
Um..and then what?
Love that H sugar!
A little smirk from JH
Napping on the swing bed on the dock
Soon-to-be Uncle Brent with Aunt Podge. They are festive!
PRECIOUS baby boy!
Another little smirk.
Hanging out with their daddy and watching a little TV
Love those chubby thighs :) At this point, JH had 2 lbs on H.... but he's pretty much caught up now~
H's hand
JH's hand

Someone once commented that the boys were sleeping in all of the pictures that I took of them.... insinuating that all they do is sleep. Ha ha. Well, clearly I've caught them awake in some pictures, too, by now.... but the reason there are so many sleeping pictures is that they are actually still! Ha ha.... It's also because they are so preciously peaceful when they sleep. I love to take pictures of it. Maybe I should make a picture book of all of their sleeping pictures for them. :)

July was a bittersweet month. My sister, Paige, moved to Texas on July 14th, 2 days before the babies turned 3 months old. She will be there a good 6 or so years (Boooooooooo) because she is getting her PhD in Psychology with an emphasis in forensics. She will be a wonderful Psychologist and we are so proud of her! At the same time.... we are so sorry to see her go and miss her so much! It was also bitter for me, b/c my whole family went out to TX to help her move in, but I couldn't go b/c the boys and I would not be much help and actually more of a distraction. Brent (fiance), his twin brother Robyn, my sister Grace (Paige's twin), and Paige all drove out to Texas and my parents flew out there a few days later. I know that was a long drive, but I also think that road trips can be so fun, especially with the right group!

Before they headed out, they stopped by our house to kiss us goodbye and take a picture that we'd been wanting to take for a while: the Womb Mate picture! Back story---- G and P had called each other womb mates for a long time, so when I saw womb mate onesies on my trip to see BFF Eden in CA last Fall, I just had to buy them! They were actually the very first things that I bought for the babies. (At that point, I knew that there were 2 babies, but not their genders yet. Wow, that seems like yesterday!) My family loved that I found the onesies and I decided to have shirts made for G and P for Christmas. Knowing that the boys were growing like weeds, we'd been trying all Summer to find a time when both G and P were in town to take the picture. So, we grabbed this opportunity! Here are a few of the shots.
My 4 favorite womb mates!
Podge and H
Love this shot of Grace and JH
3 sets of twins! Robyn, Grace, JH, H, Paige, and Brent!
3 months old today!
Turning 3 months old is exhausting!
On July 18th, we went to a NICU reunion up at Brookwood Hospital. We enjoyed getting to see Dr. Mena (the neonatologist) and some of the nurses. It was disappointing that some of our other favorite nurses couldn't make it, but we still had a good time and were glad that we went. Josh and I particularly liked checking out all of the other twin strollers Haha.
The boys went swimming for the first time on July 22nd at my Aunt Sharon's house. Then, we went again with Daddy on Saturday. The boys really seem to like it and even naturally kick their sweet little chubby legs. :)
JH's first dip :)
Sweet little snuggly water babies
Happy H swimming with Daddy
Just loungin' in our new boat that Uncle Ira got us!
Sweet happy baby :)
Proud Daddy :)

The BIGGEST news of all is how GREAT these precious babies are developing!
July 2nd: Jack Henry rolled over to his tummy to his back.
July 26th: Jack Henry rolled over from his back to his tummy.
Harrison also rolled over from his tummy to his back that same day!
July 26th: The boys started sleeping in separate cribs (sad for mommy) because of all of the rolling around in their cribs.

(In July) They have gradually been "chatting" and smiling more and more. Harrison is particularly vocal and is my little wild man :) Jack Henry is so sweet and laid back. He doesn't talk as much, but when he does, it is the sweetest, soft little voice. They just melt my heart!

Ok... I think that will wrap it up for now. There is a little bit of July left, but I'm a tired girl and heading to bed! I'm so ready to be caught up on the blog so I can tell y'all about what's been going on lately!

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