Thursday, April 30, 2009

27 for my 27th....

In honor of my 27th b'day (yesterday) I thought I'd share 27 things about myself with y'all...
1. It's almost ridiculous how much I love our puppy, Miley.
2. #1 makes me realize that I cannot fathom the love that I will have for our babies.
3. I judge people a little when they are seemingly healthy and they ride the elevator between the 1st and 2nd floors...particularly from the 2nd DOWN to the 1st.(*women later in pregnancy do not qualify for any judgment-I'm sure I will also be riding the elevator when I'm in that position as well!)
4. Some people claim I'm "too sensitive" because I cry/tear up more than most... but I see this as a blessing b/c God gave me a tender and compassionate heart.
5. It bothers me when brides think that entitles them to treat others poorly. It is an excellent opportunity for them to rise to the occasion to show their grace and gratitude for those around who love and support them. Same goes for preggos, but I have more compassion for them and their inability to control their hormones.
6. I do not like being in one-sided friendships. I invest greatly in my friendships and expect the same in return. On that same note, I do not give up easily on them either.
7. My favorite flower is the hydrangea.
8. I have a routine in the shower and it throws me off if I accidentally don't follow it: wet hair, wash face, shampoo/rinse hair, put conditioner on hair, wash body, rinse conditioner, and rinse body.
9. I reallllly like sushi and like to try new rolls.
10. I believe I was made to be a wife and a mom. Hopefully God will bless us with babies and the money for me to stay home with them (at least for a little while.)
11. I am a sucker for "chips and queso."
12. I am extremely productive when I am procrastinating doing something else. haha.
13. I have recently started enjoying yoga/pilates classes at Gold's. They are so great for stretching out my tight muscles that increase my low back pain.
14. I am good at keeping others' secrets, but have a little trouble keeping my own. haha.
15. My favorite shows right now: Law and Order (Criminal Intent, SVU, and original), Real Housewives of NYC, Grey's Anatomy, and Private Practice.
16. My newest nickname is TBG. Some of our friends in our Sunday School started calling me that b/c it's how I sign my text messages and some e-mails. I dig it.
17. My latest conviction has come from the verse Proverbs 16:9 "In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps" because I have been trying to plan my course of babies, school, and life, when all I genuinely want is God's perfect will for my life.
18. I have had the same 2 best friends for about 14 years now. Although they are both amazing, God glorifying women, they also very different, which is something that I admire about them because it makes each relationship special and unique.
19. Sometimes I look at JBG and can see the little boy in him. It makes me love him even more.
20. I adore Wyatt K like he is my real nephew.
21. I've recently given up "dieting." I'm eating what I want within reason. This includes pizza once a week and icecream at times. I haven't gained any weight doing so. It's very freeing.
22. I hope to use #21 to my advantage for losing weight by continuing to add more exercise and creating a bigger deficit.
23. Josh and I think 27 seems a lot older than 26, even though it's just a year.
24. I get anxious about big life changes, but intensely look forward to them at the same time. (ie: getting married, babies one day)
25. My biggest fears are drowning and dying early. Secretly they used to be drowning and dying a virgin (early). Score one for me.
26. I really like traveling and staying in nice hotels. (who doesn't? haha) I particularly love cruises!
27. I cannot stand Curlz font. It offends me. Spread the word if you'd like. ;o)
Although those of you reading this probably know me really well, I hope that you learned at least one new thing about me.

I'm interested to know... What was it?


Elin said...

These are great! I, too HATE curlz with a passion. Seriously, it couldn't get any worse. And, don't judge me too harshly, I'm riding the elevator right now. Baby Glenn is hanging out in my lungs, so stairs for me are like a 5k!

Rachel said...

I totally agree that having a tender heart is a gift! Great list Taylor!

Kimmie said...

i like the list taylor. cracked me up! i agree with a good routine in the shower...:)
can't wait for you to have a baby too--you will be such a great momma!


i already knew all of those...but i did laugh out loud at curlz font. remind me to tell you a story about me, my mother, the vestavia apothecary and curlz. hahahaha

Paige said...

-I don't think you can like Curlz unless: a) you have not had menarche OR b) you have not had eyesight... and I guess c) all of the above.

-I'm glad to know your shower routine. I'll think about you whenever I get around to showering again.

-I didn't know about your new nickname and don't intend on using it. I have far too many for you in my repertoire.

-I'm ready for you to have a baby. I wish you were secretly 8.5 months preggos right now.

-27 sounds WAYYY older than 26. Like "need a walker" older--or at least shower daisies so you don't slip and break a hip.

-You are good at keeping other peoples' secrets. But I totally agree that you end up telling me things you didn't intend to.

OK I'm obsessed with you.