Friday, April 24, 2009

Family Weekend at Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of going to Family Weekend at Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine to celebrate my sweet sister Grace's acceptance into the Class of 2013. We are fortunate that our lake house on Lake Martin is about 45 min to an hour from Auburn, so Josh and I drove to the lake house, played with Miley in the water for a little bit, put Miley in her crate, and drove to AU to met my family in Auburn for the dinner at 6pm. After the dinner was an information session, at which I won one free night at the local Hampton Inn in the raffle. Woo! Ha ha. Then we all headed home, and boy was Miley glad to see us! Needless to say she had lots of energy after being in her crate for the evening. The next morning, Josh, Miley, and I went back over to campus for a special kind of Fun Day thing the Vet School does every year. There were dogs EVERYWHERE and Miley was in HEAVEN! She looooves meeting new friends! The Vet School was open for tours, so we got to look around and see where Gracie would be spending all of her time for the next 4 years. I was amazed by one lab in particular because it had TONS of skeletons that I'd never have an opportunity to see otherwise, such as a llama, cow, and an ostrich! After a little while, Josh and Miley drove back to B'ham so he could compete in the cycling race in town (he got 10th in the category 3 race and 8th in the Pro, category 1, 2, and 3 race!) and I stayed back to look around for houses for Gracie with her and my parents. My parents decided that since Grace would have her dog Bailey down there with her and she'll be there for four years, it was the best investment to go ahead and buy a house down there. Apparently resale is great down there as well. Win-Win. (They are also hoping my other sweet sister Paige will go to AU for grad school, so they can live together.)Gracie headed home after house shopping, and mom, dad, and I grabbed some dinner and headed back to the lake house to rest after a long day. We definitely observed the Sabbath on that Sunday, because we just relaxed-which is one of the best things about the lake house. It is so relaxing... no computer... on the water... just time with friends and family. :) I had a great time in Auburn, and have always enjoyed being on campus in past, too, because there is just such a friendly, social atmosphere. It is definitely that way at the Vet School, and I am so excited for Grace and this incredibly exciting new adventure on which she is about to embark. She's going to work really hard, but it is going to be an amazing experience.

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Cole and Jennifer said...

War Eagle!! I know Grace will love it there!