Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1st night and NICU visits

Harrison loves his swing! Thank goodness for picture phones!

I responded to a friend's e-mail earlier and thought it was a good update to share with our friends/family:

first night was good... kinda rough, but only b/c of the sleep deprivation. harrison was a doll. we did have some trouble getting him down at the 12 o'clock feeding, but i ended up realizing that his room was too cool for him and we got a space heater for him. he slept great the rest of the times he was in there.

breastfeeding is good. i like that part, but pumping after every feeding is tiring. it's going to be crazy and interesting once we get jack henry home and he's feeding, too. hopefully i can master the double football hold. i'm trying to get some sleep, but definitely need to try harder. it's difficult to get as much as i normally would b/c we like to go up to the NICU at least 2x a day.

we actually just got back. he had his cannula (nose tube thing) removed this AM and is doing great on regular oxygen levels! we had more snuggle ("nuzzle") time. i introduced him to breastfeeding yesterday. I went to introduce him again today, and he ended up going to TOWN breastfeeding! same again tonight! i love it :) he's good at it already and bless his heart, they've had him on an electrolyte, lipid, etc mix for nourishment, but he hasn't officially been "fed" except for when i nurse him at these visits. (mainly b/c until now, he wasn't breathing well enough to master breathing and eating at the same time. they aren't just depriving him) they are going to start feeding tomorrow---- i am going to nurse and then give him a bottle of my breastmilk. we take 1 or 2 bottles of breastmilk every visit, so there is plenty waiting on him. he is such a sweetheart and definitely loves his mommy snuggle time.

alright, i'm off to feed harrison and head to bed! we took some good pictures of jack henry tonight. i will try my best to upload them tomorrow and send them out. g'night from the Gamble 4!


Anna said...

I'm so glad that nursing is going so well for you! I wasn't a big fan of pumping either. It was just easier to nurse and be done with it. I'm so excited that you will have both babies home with you soon!

Allison said...

I'm really glad to hear that breastfeeding is going so well also. It's such a wonderful experience. I don't like to pump either but I would definitely recommend it because it will keep your milk supply up. I didn't have a pump in the beginning and my milk supply was up and down. Stick with it and get sleep any chance you get. I didn't do that either and I really wished I had.
I'm SO glad y'all are doing well. I can't wait to come meet the boys. I'm gonna wait until Jack Henry is home and y'all are more settled in.

Allison said...

Oh and FYI...Lemon-Lime Gatorade is really good for your milk supply. I'm not sure why but Connie, from the lactation department, told me to drink it to help keep my supply up. There is also an Indian herb called Fenugreek that you can take if you start having trouble with your supply. I've been taking it and it works.

Elin said...

Pumping after every feeding is no fun, but keep at it, sista! That is the best then to get Jack Henry home with you (I know you know that...). It is so great that he is keeping his oxygen levels steady on his own. Here's hoping it won't be long before you are all 4 under one roof - and what a relief that will be.