Saturday, April 24, 2010

Josh's first time to hold Jack Henry since that sweet baby was born!

I love this shot of JH. I think my boys have beautiful eyes!
Taking Harrison home!

Hey Y'all!

I'm sorry that you haven't heard from me in a day or two! We've clearly been busy with baby Harrison and visiting Jack Henry at the NICU. We try to get up there at least 2 times; yesterday I went up there 4 times! Needless to say, it was exhausting to this momma who is 1 week post-surgery and up every few hours at night with her baby at home, but I guess my momma drive kept me going. I just hate it that Jack Henry is there alone and he loooooves it when I/we come up there, so I try to get up there as much as possible, while still being home enough to spend time with and nurse Harrison.

I was thinking about the whole NICU situation this morning as I showered. (yes! I got a shower! haha) While it is not my ideal situation b/c I want my babies all at home with me..... it has allowed us to spend some quality one-on-one time with each of our babies, both at home and at the NICU. It has also allowed us to have a slow transition to managing life with 2 newborns at home. I wish Jack Henry had been able to go home with us on Tuesday... heck, while I'm wishing, I wish they'd never been in there in the first place, but since he is there, I want him to take the time that he needs to be well before coming home. He is in the absolute best place that he could be with what he's been dealing with and I am so grateful for the doctors and nurses who have taken such great care of him in the NICU!

That said, here's the latest on Jack Henry!
Wednesday, we were disappointed to find out that Jack Henry wasn't going to be able to start taking a bottle as we'd been told b/c his breathing rate was a little high. The combo of fast breathing and drinking could be a bit much for him. While disappointed, we wanted whatever was best for him and knew that he'd get there eventually.

Yesterday, when I went in to my first NICU visit, I saw our nurse with her hands in Jack Henry's incubator and I asked what they were up to. She whipped his incubator cloth cover up and she was FEEDING HIM A 15 mL BOTTLE OF BREASTMILK!!!! YAY!

That was a HUGE step in his progress toward coming home! She said I could come back to feed him more that day, so I went back at 2:30, 5:30, and 8:30 to feed him either by nursing + 15mL bottle or just 15mL bottle. *It is important to note that he must be able to drink a 30mL before he can move to a crib, which is the last step before coming home. To stay in a crib, he must be able to maintain his body temperature. He must pass 2 glucose tests. Then, he must be able to take a 30mL bottle from Josh and/or me before he can come home.

Then today, I called to check on his feeding schedule so I could come in to feed him and found out that: A) he was being fed a 30mL bottle at 11:30am B) probably having his IV removed and C) MOVING TO A CRIB! I called my mom and burst into tears of joy. Our baby boy is making HUGE steps toward coming home! The babies have to spend 72 hrs in the crib before they can come home, which would put him potentially coming home on Monday! (I say potentially b/c we have to be flexible and supportive of him and progressing at his own speed. Things change, but we're very hopeful!) He will also still need to be circumcised, pass his hearing test, and pass his car seat test (just makes sure that he can breathe while in his car seat). He is strong and God has been so good to him/us. I know that he'll pass with flying colors!

Recent update: Went to NICU @ 2:30pm and 5:30pm today, so far. Will go back with Daddy Josh at 8:30pm. Jack Henry took 30 mL and 40 mL at the visits, respectively---all from nursing, which the nurse said is not common at all--usually have to supplement with a bottle to get full 30 mL. He's our little hoss! :) Because he passed 2 glucose tests with flying colors, they are removing his IV!!! Dr. Mena asked if it'd be ok if he came home on Monday haha... Um YEAH IT WOULD!!! As long as everything maintains as well as it is, he'll be home Monday. I can't wait to finally have my family of 4 together. :)

So, that's the latest!
Harrison is doing FANTASTIC at home, nursing and taking the occasional bottle when momma needs to be at the NICU and it coincides with his feeding time. He has given Josh and me the gift of 4 hr sleep stretches at night sometimes, too! I am so grateful for my parents, sisters, aunt sharon, and others who have been over at our house daily to take care of household needs as well as allowing us to make trips to the NICU.

Thank you ALL SO MUCH for your prayers and cheerleading for our new little family, especially Jack Henry (and Harrison when in NICU). After Jack Henry gets home, I'll probably slow down on updates significantly, since I'll be manning 2 babies! (with some help for a bit, of course)

Momma Tay


Anna said...

That's great news!! It's amazing the strength and energy us mama's can find in ourselves :)

Courtney said...

AWESOME news!!! I think JH looks just like you! Praying he is strong enough to come home tomorrow and praying for a smooth transition to 2 little bambinos!!

Alexis said...

I'm so happy to hear the good news, Taylor!! Still praying for those beautiful babies :)

Ellis said...

Great news!!! I love the picture at the top of your blog- it is awesome!

Best of luck to you and your family!!