Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sweet dreams...

(Sweet Harrison last night--bright-eyed and alert! IV in head looks worse than it is. Sorry for cell phone pic quality)

Harrison is really alert this AM and you can tell he is feeling so much better! Good for this momma's heart! He had a big poop, which is exciting b/c it means he is keeping down a lot of the milk he is drinking and is also how he'll lower his bilirubin. He has gained 4 oz since Monday and his bilirubin is 9.9, down from 12. He's only thrown up a few small times. At 9am, I went to visit him just in time to feed him his most recent bottle. Afterward, I held him for about an hour while he slept and dreamed the sweetest dreams---he was lifting his eyebrows, moving his mouth, smiling biiiiig smiles, etc. Sadly, in the midst of his feeling bad last week, he wasn't doing much dreaming and it makes me realize just how horrible he felt. :( Poor sweet baby. I'm soooo glad to be getting my baby back! He is going to a room today and will probably be discharged tomorrow! I am so grateful for God's healing! Praise the Lord!

Jack Henry is doing so well and is being a wonderful baby for my family, thank goodness! They have been incredible to step in and help with him so Josh and I can be up at the hospital with Harrison! He is growing like crazy!!! Now drinking 5 oz bottles (I pump and send milk home for him), he is also size 1 diapers and wearing some of their 0-3 month clothes! My mom brings him up to the hospital to see me once a day so we can have some love time and let me nurse him. It is good for my soul and I'm sure he likes getting to see his momma! (sorry for dark cell phone pic)

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