Monday, July 26, 2010

Part 2.... June

Here is the next installment of me catching up on our life on the blog... I'm going to try to do multiple ones so I can catch you all up to today, which happens to be a day of at least 3 firsts for the boys!

The week after Harrison was discharged from the hospital was my first official week on my own with the boys. They were about 5.5 weeks old. Then, as you saw in the previous post, we went to the lake for Memorial Day weekend. The boys' first of many trips to Lake Martin!

On June 1st, I walked into Jack Henry and Harrison's room to find this PRECIOUS sight. You know after weeks of being apart on and off after birth, they were glad to be back together and snuggling :)The first weekend of June (weekend after Memorial Day), I got really brave and drove to the lake with the babies all by myself!!! My mom was already down there and my sisters and Brent (Paige's fiance) came down, too. (Preparing for July 4th a month early....they are just naturally patriotic.)Being at the lake with new babies is a whole different ballgame. I'm glad my mom reminded me about how different my lake experience would be before our first trip with the boys. I stay inside most of the day with them because it is too hot for them out side. We try to take them to the dock early in the AM or later in the evening, when it is cool. Selfishly, this is mostly for my benefit, so I can get out of the house, but the boys seem to enjoy it, too, and I think the fresh air is good for them :)
Harrison and me on the bed swing on the dock.
Aunt Grace and I had a little photo session with the boys down on the dock. The lighting was so good! Grace took the pictures while I entertained them. At this point in their life, it was very easy for everyone to tell them apart. As you'll see in future pictures, as they have chunked up, they resemble each other more and more! Still obviously fraternal, but favoring each other more. Love how H is looking at me in this pic haha....
Jack Henry snuggling with Mimi that evening.
Harrison likes to hold his soothie sometimes and I think it's adorable. :)
Jack Henry sacked out on the dockVERY serious about those animals!
Aunt Podge doing what she does best. Harrison approves :)
Back home playing in the bouncers.Often, this is how I feed the boys when I'm alone. These days they stay awake longer after eating and we sing/chat for a while, but back in June, they'd often sack out just like this--especially after the mid-morning feeding and I'd just let them stay. Hey, sometimes it boils down to this.... a nap is a nap, wherever it is taken.

Jen and Eli West, friend of Josh's from high school, came over to bring dinner, catch up and love on the boys on June 11th. The boys were precious in their "womb mate" onesies and slept most of the evening. Jack Henry's PRECIOUS leg
Jack Henry sacked out on Jen's lap
Snoozin' by momma on the ottoman during dinner.
A little snuggle time with Jack Henry and those precious feet :)On June 13th, we took the boys to meet my Great Uncle Johnnie, my mom's uncle. I love for the boys to meet their family and this was extra special because her daddy (his brother) died when I was in college and this definitely felt like the next best thing to Pop getting to hold these sweet babies. Uncle Johnnie is a wonderful and kind man. I'm so glad the boys got to meet him (even if they wont remember it haha). It was also Aunt Sarah's birthday, which we didn't know when we went over there, but she said that seeing the babies made it extra special. They were so sweet to come visit us at the hospital when the boys were born. It was disappointing that the babies were in NICU and unable to meet them the day they came to visit.
Ok.... I'm going to have to conintue "Part 2 June" in the next post.... these pictures have taken forever to upload and I've gotta go get some stuff done and go to bed! Hope y'all enjoyed the pictures. It was fun for me to take a little trip down memory lane and look at how our baby boys have grown up and developed. Stay tuned for our exciting "firsts"!


Leslie and Geoff said...

They are indeed looking more and more alike! How fun!

Elizabeth Moon said...

Oh my goodness! They are sooooo beautiful!!! What cuties!!!

Elin said...

They are so CUTE! Seeing them sleeping on the ottoman makes me miss Emmeline being "immobile!"

Paige Brannon said...

please note that my being asleep next to harrison was because I DID THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT FEEDINGS WITH YOU!

btw, I miss their little little baby faces.