Monday, October 18, 2010

Beginning of October

Ok... I'm going to get started on October so I can finally be blogging in present time! I'm pretty proud of myself that it's the 18th and I'm blogging about the CURRENT month... that hasn't exactly been my M.O. lately, unfortunately! Sorry to any readers out there.... between the twins, 15 hours of school including 1 online class, a husband, and keeping a house, I get behind on the blog :)

So let's see... here are a few pics from the very end of September of my 2 little turkeys playing on the blanket.....
9/25 As I said in my previous post, they've recently begun grabbing their feet in the air.... I love it :)
10/1 I randomly put the boys in the same crib to just hang out for a little bit one night. I heard JH crying... this is what I found. H LOVES his brother and does this occasionally. He just wants to be close to him! haha..... JH doesn't like it as much as I think it's cute lol....

10/5 in our exersaucers...
10/7 Was a special day for me b/c it was the anniversary of the day when we had our first ultrasound last year and found out that we were going to have TWINS! What a life-changing day :) We were blessed more than we could have asked or imagined for ourselves!

10/8 Harrison is getting better and better at holding his own bottle! I used to feed the boys up on the love seat, but have recently moved to feeding them on the floor. It is safer b/c I'm not worried about them falling/rolling off :) Plus they were getting too squirmy for me on the couch. As you'll see in the 2nd and 3rd pic, sometimes I use these bottle holders to hold their bottles for them, and other times I'll hold it for them or let them hold it (as long as they can). I've also discovered they really like it for all of us to be touching :)
That morning, we went to my parents' so my mom and I could go ahead and cook the lasagna for the boys' post-dedication lunch that I was going to have at their Mimi and Big Daddy's house after their dedication the 17th.

HUGE NEWS!!!! Jack Henry cut his first tooth that day!!!!

10/10 I had been chatting with my mom about how we'd started feeding the boys my home made baby food and that we were feeding them in the exersaucers b/c that was the best we had at this point... and man was it crazy! There are toys on it to distract them and it bounces! H actually got an eye full of applesauce one morning! haha... So, Mimi offered to buy us their highchairs for early Christmas. Boy do we love them! We got a great deal! We were going to get the Chicco chairs, bc they were cheaper, but they werent vinyl (or plastic-y, easy to wipe material) and these were. i didnt want to spend $170 x2 of our cmas money from my parents but we liked them and they were nice....also easy to wipe off. well they rang up as $130! then we got multiples 10% discount (BBBaby) and then i had a 20% coupon from babies R they ended up being about $103 and $115 or something. awessoooome! CHA-CHING!
10/11 H has been holding his bottle on and off for the past few months, but on the 11th was his first official feeding of holding it the whole time! He does better with the 5 oz bottles (if he drinks 9 oz, I give him a full 5 oz and then refill it w/ 4 more oz) but he's getting a lot better at the big bottles, too! This is getting to be so helpful! I just have to kind of monitor it in case he drops it, but otherwise, I can help JH with his and let H feed himself. We have arrived!!!!
10/11 The boys used their high chairs for the 1st real time. It seemed to go pretty well. We need to do better at feeding them their "breakfast" (puree in the AM after bottle) earlier b/c they start to get fussy and that makes for a bad time trying to feed them. We've also discovered that Josh is really good at feeding them :) I do just fine, but he's good at it and it's nice b/c that gives me some time to eat breakfast, clean up, etc. while he feeds the boys. Plus, I like it that they have their "thing" each AM. :)

This week....
For a while, H has been sleeping through the night most nights, but this week, he has started getting up a few times a night like JH has. As of today, he has slept well again the past 2 nights--unless he leaks out of his diaper. Let's hope he keeps it up...and that we can get some overnight diapers!

JH has REALLY started paying attention to Miley. He's all about her! H has started noticing her, too, but JH is more into her than H is so far.

10/14 That morning, I was loving on Harrison and, being in a very "grabby" stage, he accidentally grabbed my eye, scratching it 2x giving me a bad corneal abrasion. It hurts SOOOO BAD!---I cried! My mom was generous to take me to the Dr. for an emergency appointment while Josh stayed with the little turkeys. She and the Dr. were impressed by how big the 2 cuts were. I was given some moisturizing drops to put in my eye every 30 minutes and some antibiotic drops to do 3x that day. My eye was so sensitive that I had to wear my sunglasses inside all day long. I also had to get a prescription for Lortab to help with the pain. They put a contact on my eye to act as a band-aid--which is the reason for the moisturizing drops (to keep it from sticking to my eye/the cut). Friday morning I had to go in for a follow-up appt Friday AM where they took off my contact and prescribed me some antibiotic ointment (which is basically like putting Vaseline straight in your eye--yuck!!!). She said that I must be healthy b/c the cuts were 99% healed already! My eye stayed swollen/squinty and red until Sunday morning. Thank goodness it cleared up just in time for the boys' dedication!

10/16 Harrison has started giving kisses lately! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT! I've always kissed them on the lips and he has really picked up on it lately b/c he has been either giving me one back (opening his mouth purposefully) or randomly leaning in for a kiss! (sometimes on mouth, sometimes on face). What a sweetheart.

On 10/16, the boys turned 6 months old!!! What a milestone, to me. I used to think how far away 6 months sounded. That afternoon, we tried to get some pictures of them at my parents' house. For those of you who don't know, my mom is a great photographer and even knows how to hand-tint, which is a lost art, IMO. We may have gotten some good ones, but I think the best ones will be from our previous photo session a few weeks prior. I am working on finding the perfect picture for our birth announcements. :)

That day, my sisters were both in town for the boys' dedication on 10/17, so the boys, Josh and I went to my parents' house. We watched football, hung out, and the girls and I carved pumpkins! It was such a JOY to have them in town and for all of us to be cut up (no pun intended [carving pumpkins haha]) and laugh together!

HUGE NEWS is that JH cut his 2nd tooth that day!!! I love it when the boys have milestones/big things that happen on their exact "month birthday" :o)

The boys are getting a LOT better at sitting up, which is exciting :) We're working on it and I think they'll be there pretty soon! They have their 6 month appointment on Wednesday and I am interested to see what their stats are these days! Josh weighed himself and then himself with each of the twins individually and they are both weighing approximately 19 lbs!~ So... we'll see what the scale at the Dr. says!

I'm going to do a separate post about the boys' dedication this past Sunday. It was a wonderfully special day. We were VERY blessed by both the service and by all of our friends and family that came to celebrate that blessed day with us!


~Ashley Kimbrel~ said...

They are so stinkin cute!!! I need to visit asap!! <3

Alli said...

Taylor, they are precious! I can't believe how big they are. I had to come look after imaging you walking around with one on each arm!