Sunday, October 10, 2010

September with the Gambles

Here is a quick run-down of September with the Gambles. There are a good bit of "firsts" including Harrison rolling to his tummy :)
9/1 first time in johnnie jump ups
H loved it
JH was tired so not too into it
9/2 hanging out in the johnnie jump ups
9/4 first game day

9/6 i didnt have school bc of labor day so we got to go walk that evening
9/7 JH has been putting feet in the air a lot. started kicking toys on his bouncer... so cute!
9/8 Just hanging out with Mommy and Daddy and playing on the floor
9/9 just hanging out before mommy goes to class
9/10 Today is my daddy's b'day! The boys celebrated by jumping in the JJU's and taking great naps :) We were supposed to get together for dinner with my parents, but my dad had a very long day at work, so we celebrated on 9/11/10 by getting take out Cocina Superior and watching some Alabama football.

9/11 I started making baby food.... my mom VERY GENEROUSLY bought me some Beaba containers, baby spoons, plastic (easy to wipe off) bibs, and a few books about making my own baby food after I'd mentioned, totally in passing, that I was planning to make our baby food. It not only meant a lot to me that she listened and remembered, but also that she was so supportive of my efforts that she went out of her way to make sure it happened and I was successful. Thank you, my momma!
9/12 Jack Henry has been scooting in his bed all week. yesterday he was scooting across the play mat. really good at pulling knees up under himself already. Neat to see signs of future crawling.

9/15 BOTH slept thru the night = 5 month b'day present to mommy and daddy

9/16 turned 5 months old, Gigi flew to town. First trip to the airport

MOST IMPORTANTLY, HARRISON ROLLED TO HIS TUMMY ON THIS DAY!!! He, apparently, was just waiting until he knew he'd be good at it, b/c within a day, he was just as good at it as Jack Henry, who had been doing it since the end of July! Here is his first successful roll...

Gigi came to town that day, too... Here are the boys when we were about to leave for the airport to pick up Gigi!
This last one cracks me up.... Jack Henry is all... "enough mom..." and Harrison is saying... "sigh... come OOON mom..." LOL...

9/16-9/19 Gigi Papa kept them alone for the first time while i was in rachel's wedding
That weekend I was really busy with bridesmaid duties and events to attend... I had a great time (although I did miss my sweet boys). It was a special weekend b/c my cousin Rachel (the bride), her sister Laura, my sisters, and I have grown up very close---more like sisters than cousins. I can't believe Rachie is grown up enough to be married! (or me having babies?? wow...) It's crazy that Paige, my little sister, will be getting married in May. Although it is a little hard to believe how much we are all growing up, it also excites me that we are entering the stage of life where we will spend time together with our husbands.... and eventually let our children play together and hopefully be close like all of us were. :)
Bridesmaid luncheon at my God mother's house
Rehearsal at Highlands United Methodist Church
My precious twin sisters, Grace and Paige
Rachel and her daddy, my Uncle IraPaige and her betrothed, Brent.
The rehearsal dinner was at the Veranda
Paige with her fiance, Brent, and his twin brother, Robyn (yep! twin engaged to twin!)
JH snoozing on his daddy Saturday AM
Nervous, but very excited bride waiting for time to walk down the aisle!
1st dance as Mr. and Mrs. Chris Weingartner
They are a great couple. I love Rachel to death and Chris is a fantastic guy!

sept 20/21 I finally got out exersaucers... the boys thought that they were pretty neat, but were a little tired, so they weren't too excited about them yet. Here are the boys earlier that AM.
sept 22 started for real on cereal---much better at moving food from front to back of mouth, rather than innate reflex of pushing things out of their mouth

last week josh said jack henry started grabbing toes but I saw it for the first time yesterday?
putting paci in their mouth
harrison getting good at holding bottle

9/24harrison started grabbing toes while sitting on josh's tummy a while ago, but is now starting to grab them in the air.

9/29 squash last week, sweet potatoes this week
last night, Aunt Sharon and Uncle Ira said JH was petting Miley's face, nose and ears for a long time! I'd never seen him do that...but since then, I've noticed that he's really into her!

this AM was josh's first time to feed the babies---better than mommy!

9/30 went to visit professor from Spring semester Dr. Melanie Shores

I'll see if there are any more pictures to add to this post... hope you enjoyed it!..On to October!


Eric and Jordan Elkins said...

raceThey are getting so big (and cute), Taylor!! I can't wait for the day that Bennett can put his own paci in his mouth...haha! Oh, and this is random, but Eric was looking at your blog with me and told me he is in the same bible study class (CBS) with your Uncle Ira! Small world!

The Byingtons said...

Loved this post!! I'm so impressed that you're able to keep up w/ the blog so well while taking care of them AND doing so much school!!

Love love that last pic of them on the red blanket. Miss y'all so much! Beautiful pic of Paige & Brent too btw!

Elin said...

They are so cute!! I made baby food for Emmeline and once I got into a routine, it was really easy. Way to go, Taylor!

Adventures in our army life said...

Taylor, they are getting soo big. it's hard to believe how fast they are growing!! Love all the pics!

Allison said...

I agree with Katie. I'm impressed that you're able to keep up your blog while being so busy. Way to go Super Mom!