Monday, January 31, 2011

Catching up on the latest.

Well, we all know how tired I am of being behind. Here is a run-down of our past few months, which is mostly comprised of firsts and milestones :) It's crazy to look back at this list and see how far they've come in such a short time! At the beginning of the list 11/5/10), they are learning to sit on their own. By the end of the list, they are standing on their own (1/31/11). Amazing.

I was delusional thinking that this semester of Student Teaching would be any easier than past semesters.... In fact, it is going to prove to be way harder than the rest. I will slowly take over more and more of the school day from my cooperating teacher and will eventually be running the entire school day for at least 20 days, 10 of them must be consecutive. That means that I have to do the lesson plans for every subject that I'm teaching on TOP of projects that are due every few weeks. It's ridiculous and overwhelming. Anyways... Here's a timeline of what we and, more importantly, the boys have been up to lately...

nov. 5th infant-see program
This is a FREE program that my eye dr's office offers to help with early detection... you should check it out! The boys were asked to come help TRAIN the doctors who were there from out of town to be trained on how to administer the tests to children 6mo-2yr (i think that's the range). The boys were 6 mo and perfect subjects. They did a great job...even after having their pupils dilated!
At this appointment, they were officially good at sitting up.... very big deal!

nov 12th lowered crib mattresses b/c they were showing signs up pulling up.
mimi caught JH w/ wires. very scary!

nov 21---JH officially pulling up to feet on the end of their bouncers... mother's son---I was quick in my physical development---I walked at 7 mo!!

nov 22 H officially pulled up to feet! (not full standing position, but still pulled up)....

they are getting to be SO GOOD... already great babies, but, for example, we went to target with Eden, reagan and wyatt....boys were very quiet and happy in the stroller and only got fussy at chick fil a when it was nap time, understandably!

On that Target trip, they had their 1st time to ride in stroller and hold own bottle! did FANTASTIC! didnt drop them once! wow.

Boys have started to move into what i've read about.... 2, 2 hr long naps in morning and afternoon... they still do a cat nap in the afternoon. we'd do an earlier bedtime, but i think they will wake up too early.

nov. 30 both boys pulled up on the ottoman! new fave thing to do... stand at ottoman and pat it :) xoxo

dec. 1st.... Josh walked into nap time and JH was standing up in his crib! Same for me this afternoon... he was crying and i remembered that he'd done that earlier in the day, so I checked on it and he was standing up..

nov 14th, reagan's bday party! first time to try puffs

11/20 went to grand river outlets w/ Eden, Wyatt, Reagan, Josh, Jack Henry, Harrison

11/22 target w/ Eden, Reagan, Wyatt, Jack Henry, Harrison

11/23 tried the zoo for first time w/ Grace, Eden, Wyatt, Reagan, Jack Henry, Harrison... but we got rained out, so we went to Brookwood Mall for lunch :)

boys first thanksgiving last week...
josh's parents came the saturday after thanksgiving.
went to outlet malls to shop around

12/09 BAMOM new/expectant moms brunch/play date

12/10 jack henry cruising well and transferred from couch to chair
12/11 BAMOM cmas social

12/12 aunt cynthia/uncle tim babysat boys while we went to verizon party
H has started chatting more

12/13 started chatting a lot more again... lots of babbling

12/14 harrison pulled up in bed

12/17 JH said dada at dr
H ended up having 2x ear infxn/breathing treatment
jh 1 infn

12/18 trip to see regenia and milton---I got brave and took the boys BY MYSELF to see Regenia and Milton in Nashville... It's important to me that the boys have a relationship with their grandparents, near and far. I also felt like it'd honor them as their grandparents, and most importantly, Josh as my honey.

On this trip, JH started crawling hand/knee/hand/knee

12/22 Took the boys to see Santa. It was pretty anti-climactic. They weren't upset, but they weren't happy. It was time for a bottle, but I was afraid that they'd choose that moment to spit up, so I held off... I wondered afterward if they'd been happier for picture if I'd given them some bottle first. You live, you learn...

Right before cmas, JH started dancing
12/24 cmas even service at mtntop com church
1st time in other church nursery
met at turners' to exchange presents
Josh, the boys, and I spent night at my parents...even though we live down the street from them :) This is our tradition when we are in Bham for Cmas.

12/25 Christmas----It snowed on the boys' first Cmas, which made it all the more memorable.

12/26 Harrison crawling hands knees
My sisters Grace and Paige's bday dinner at parents

12/27 went to mcwane center w/ eden and kids and josh

12/31 Harrison started transferring

1/2 first time to ride in car attachment buggy at Publix. They loved it and didn't try to eat the cart hardly at all! haha

H 103 fever--- double ear infection again
JH ear antibiotic. gave big them time diarrhea and rash on their booties. It was a NIGHTMARE.

1/3 was reading book to H and he kissed the mirror 3 or 4 times... so sweet!

1/4 H started saying Dada!

1/6 H started clapping
went to visit MDO---we met their teachers and got a tour. I really hope that the boys will love MDO. I'm a big supporter of the social development side of it, especially!

1/9 We moved over to my aunt and uncle's house (even though they'd gone to Nashville) because of the snow/ice storm. They have a generator and we didn't want to chance losing power/heat with 2 little babies in the house! It felt like a little mini-vacation with my little family.

1/12 i started student teaching

1/14 JH clapping

1/16 The babies turned 9 months old!

1/18 started MDO---we wanted to make sure their diarrhea had stopped and their rashes had cleared up before starting at MDO.
noticed JH letting go and standing a little bit

1/19 JH standing big time!

1/20 JH standing and clapping... SO SWEET!

1/23 We moved our big boys up to size 4 diapers.

1/25 I got up at 5am and went to the gym. I'd like to get in the habit of doing this because I have GOT to lose a lot of weight (I'm totally overweight, and it doesn't help that my sister's wedding is in 110 days!)

1/27 JH waved for the 1st time! (at his Aunt Eden)
H has started standing some...

1/28 9 month well-baby JH was 28.5 in, 21 lbs 6 oz..... H was 28 in, 21 lbs 15 oz. Each has 1 ear infxn... ugh... Got anti-biotic shot and prescribed oral 1x/day for 10 days. Gave them diarrhea and some rash, but not as bad as last time, PTL.

1/30 I've noticed Harrison has started doing what I'd call "social laughing".... when we're all laughing, he'll join in.... it's sooo cute!
1/31 H standing for longer!

Boys have gotten more affectionate.... H likes to give kisses sometimes and then sometimes JH will come lay his head on me when I'm laying in their pen with them. Love it!

Whew!!! We're caught up on milestones/big firsts, etc... Although, it feels like they are always doing something new! The boys are continuously more and more fun. I am so grateful for them and the beautiful, healthy, happy boys that they are! I never want to take these blessings for granted.

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