Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Big boy beds... And tears.

So I thought I was pretty fine with breaking down the boys' cribs to move to big boy twin beds with rails... Until I saw it actually happening and memories of bringing them home from the hospital and as infant flooded my mind... And I cried. Haha. :) The boys (H) have been climbing out of the crib and into brothers bed and it's just not the safest thing to be doing.... And really defeats the "confinement" purpose (other than sleeping of course) of the cribs these days. So, we are moving to big beds. Please, please pray for us as my heart hurts some in this change and my babies growing up (plus i looove their sweet Land of Nod filled nursery!) but also because it is going to have some of its own growing pains, I'm sure. Thanks in advance :)

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sharon said...

It's nostalgic and exciting simultaneously!