Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How to make a baby....

Well, most of you know about the old traditional, God-given method. These days, knowing me is almost a guarantee. Or, it seems that way at least. I've lost official count, but at one point earlier this year, I knew 21 pregnant women. "Know" is a flexible term, since one of them was my co-worker's wife and another is my bff Eden. While I don't seriously think so highly of myself to think that really has anything to do with it, all I know is that there is something in the water....and I'm ordering wine! Haha.

Speaking of babies, yesterday and today were big days for a few of the preggos in my life. My bff Eden is 37 weeks today, which is considered full term! Bless her heart, she went in this AM for what is called an External Version because baby Wyatt (Due 7/15) is breech. In an External Version, they give the woman a spinal, put her in an OR (it can accidentally send you into labor), and push around on her belly to try to manually turn the baby. Unfortunately, the External Version didn't work and Eden is scheduled for a c-section on 7/10. She was hoping to avoid the dreaded "section," but she ultimately wants baby Wyatt to arrive safely and healthy, so she's taking one for th
e Keever team.
Another preggo in my life had a big yesterday--my cousin Christopher's new wife, Brandy (Due in Nov). They found out they are going to have a baby boy! As a former highschool, collegiate, and pro baseball player, I'm sure that Christopher is thrilled for the opportunity to teach his son the love of sports.

So many baby blessings!

Beautiful pictures of Eden taken by Norfolk, Va photographer at Willette Designs. Doesn't she look fantastic!

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