Monday, December 8, 2008

Bailey Louise Brannon

I'd like to introduce you all to the newest member of the Brannon family, Bailey Louise Brannon. (She has put on a little bit of weight since this picture.) My sister, Grace, picked her up (apparently she jumped in her car!) at a gas station on the way back to school after Thanksgiving break. Poor Grace got caught with Bailey in her dorm room, and called my mom in tears. My sister, Paige, recognizing that Grace doesn't cry often, knew this was serious, and drove all the way to Rome, GA to pick up Bailey and bring her to Birmingham. Bailey is currently on probation at the Brannon house to see if she's going to be allowed to stay... but between us, I seriously don't see this sweetheart going anywhere anytime soon! My dad is already talking about looking into an invisible fence for her. She's weighing in around 40 lbs, clearly a mix, a tiny bit larger frame than Miley, about a year old, sweet disposition, calm, loving, usually comes when called, has apparently had puppies in the past, and gets along with Miley and Elsie. Only faults so far: not spayed, she has a wild side that causes her to occasionally run off, and has a random play threshold so far with Miley (she'll play with her for a long time, and then she'll randomly warn Miley to back off- I will say, it is fairly understandable... she is from the streets, in a new environment, and Miley Jean, as a 6 mth old puppy, can be relentless when it comes to playing lol). I'm sure it'll get much better as they get to know each other more as time passes. Bailey and Miley did have a big old fun time Saturday, running around and playing in my parents' yard. Miley seemed glad to finally have a playmate about her same size that is so good at playing chase with her!

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