Monday, December 29, 2008

Emptied my camera... so here's a long post for you!

I just emptied the pictures from my camera on to the computer... and realized I've got a bit to blog about, so this will probably be a long one! I also started this blog earlier, slowly adding to it, so it'll post on Jan 3rd, but the date will say sometime before then...

Miley/Samson Play Date: Let's see... before Thanksgiving sometime, (yes that far back) my friend Claire and her puppy Samson came over for a play date. He and Miley have a ball when they play together, and Claire and I enjoy the opportunity to chat and spend time together.... while letting the ''pup-children" get out some pent up energy! Here are some pics from the play date... although, I'm quite sure Samson has gained at least 10-20 lbs since these were taken! It was cold outside, so we had to move the "date" into the kitchen...wrestling between claire's legs lol

Baby-sitting for the Morris Boys: The weekend of the Auburn-Alabama game, Josh and I babysat the Morris boys: Gordy (5), Mack (3), and Sanders (2). They are precious. Gordy was in my class back when I taught 3 yr old preschool, and I've babysat for them occasionally ever since then... Sanders was about 4 months old when I first babysat him! Anyways, it was a pretty fun weekend... we watched some kid movies, played hide-and-seek, took the boys to our house to play with Miley some, and went to the McWane Center. Sunday morning, I looked over to see this cute sight... all three of them huddled in a box together, watching tv lol.

Dog and House-Sitting for the Turners: The week of Dec. 18th-23rd, Josh and I house and dog-sat for the Turners. Typically, it is just Bear and Phoebe, but since my cousins were with my aunt and uncle skiing in Park City, we kept Dill and Macy, too. Macy and Phoebe don't get all too well, so Macy (75 lb golden retriever) came to stay with Miley and me and our house, and Josh went to stay at the Turner's with Dill, Bear, and Phoebe. Miley had a BALL with Macy... it was her fantasy-new toys AND a play mate every day for a week- and we just scooped her in like one of the family, taking her on errands, getting treats, etc. Every now and then Macy would take a break to rest b/c she's a few years older than Miley, so she doesn't have that unending supply of puppy energy that Miley does :) . Although, as you'll see in the pics, Miley got worn out, too... so the breaks were welcomed by all. Haha. Over the course of the week, as they got to know each other better (and got some of the playing out of their system) they were able to just chill together. I took the love seat... they took the couch. Miley was relentless about stealing Macy's special Tiger, so she got one of her own lol. It was a fun week...we did, however, decide that we'll work some kind of "house cleaning fee" into keeping Macy...despite our vacuuming and sweeping, we're still finding Macy fur around the house haha. Here are some pictures from the week. We brought Dill over one day to play with Macy and Miley. They had a big time.Treats, please!
Miley's new tiger... b/c she wouldn't leave Macy's alone.
She loved Macy's bones (little did she know I had one hidden for her Christmas)
Miley does Cocina SuperiorNap time for Miley and Macy...Dill came over to play!"Everyone pile on Macy!" Miley's (Taylor's) fave Christmas present: Over the course of the week keeping dogs, I was doing some serious Christmas shopping. Apparently, this year I was in denial that Christmas was coming as soon as it was after school got out, and didn't really get on my shopping until about 1.5-2 weeks before Christmas. Fortunately, everything got here on time! One of my favorite things that I ordered was Miley's new crate! At 7.5 months and about 41 lbs, we don't think she's going to get too much bigger (maybe 10 lbs?). She had, however, grown out of her old crate, and would hit her head on the roof when she barked! Poor baby. So, we went ahead and ordered her a new big girl crate! What a great purchase--and might I add, I found a major deal on Amazon! I saved probably $30-$40. Miley has been sleeping longer before waking us up to take her out in the morning, so we're thinking she was definitely out of comfortable sleeping room in her old crate. She loves it, and it is a double door crate, so I've turned it sideways in the laundry room, allowing it to fit flush with the washing machine and it gives more room in there. :) Definitely a good purchase!
Trying it out in the kitchen after it arrived on Christmas Eve!Check out all of this stretching room, mom!!!
Christmas at the Brannon House: Josh and I spent Thanksgiving in Nashville, so we got to spend Christmas in Birmingham again this year with my family. Josh, Miley, and I spent the night at my parents' house, which is fun, b/c we get to wake up and open presents with everyone, but also b/c it's delightfully ridiculous... we live 0.87 miles from them! :) After opening great gifts, we headed home to drop off Miley and get ready for the day. My mom's side of the family gets together at my grandmother's house on Christmas afternoon for lunch and a rousing game of Dirty Santa. This year was special b/c my cousin Christopher and his wife Brandy brought their baby Braegan for his first Christmas! I got my good baby fix before we headed out to the movies. Josh's mom, Regenia, was on her way to see family in Shreveport, La, so she stopped in Birmingham Christmas evening to break up the trip. We were happy that she could join us at the movies to see "Marley and Me" since we was in town! The next day was Grace and Paige's birthday! 22 years old! I can hardly believe it... Time is flying. They are growing up into such smart, beautiful, talented, and interesting young women.

Bluegrass and Bar-B-Q: Every year, a few days after Christmas, a friend of my dad's has Bluegrass and Bar-B-Q at his house out by Oak Mountain. He invites musicians, novice and pro, to come out and "jam," along with friends and family to come enjoy some BBQ and great music. As you walk from room-to-room, you'll find a different group of musicians playing. This was Josh and my first year to go with my Daddy, and had a great time. I hope that everyone had a beautiful Christmas surrounded by friends, family, and lots of joy.

New Years Eve 2008: We spent NYE with the Byingtons, Schaefers, Cowarts (dinner), and Elams. It was a great night! We all met for dinner at Tavern at the Summit, and then headed back to the Byingtons' house for some mario kart, guitar hero, and "Things" board game! The guys' facial expressions were so funny playing guitar hero. They looked so serious, but they were really just concentrating! Ha ha. Josh and I are praying for a blessed, God-glorifying, prosperous 2009, constantly seeking God's perfect will for our live together and surrounded by faithful friends.Here's to a beautiful and blessed 2009!!!


Sharon said...

YEAH! I definitely got my Taylor and Josh fix with this post. Pics are precious! Given that Laura is a cleaning freak I am sure she would work out a good "once over" after Macy stays.

The Byingtons said...

Love all the new pics!! I'm so glad that y'all are getting some more sleep now...and that Miss Miley is more comfy in her new bed! We had fun on New Years! So glad we got to spend some time with y'all!!