Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Sorry to all.... I somehow temporarily forgot about updating the blog! Ha ha... I guess I've been too busy doing... nothing at all~! and it feels lovely :o) Well... not nothing, but just not as much as I was before I got out for Christmas Break.

I'd also like to mention that I made ALL A's this semester! This is the first time I have ever made totally all A's in a real college semester... even at Vandy. I'm pretty proud :o) (I always make A's in summer school when I just take 1 or 2 classes at a time, b/c I can focus on just those few classes.)

Monday was fantastic... I went to Montgomery, AL to visit my bff Eden and my precious nephew Wyatt! Lately, my opportunities to see Eden have been brief visits at her parents' house or a quick lunch and maybe some shopping when they are in town... so I loved having hours of quality chat time with her! Of course, there's never enough time, and we certainly weren't finished chatting... we're really never finished. Ha ha... It was wonderful though. I loved getting to see my sweet Wyatt, too. He is getting SO big and is suuuuch a good baby! The only time he was fussy all day was when he lost his pacifier in the car... and who could blame him for that!? When I got there we sat around chatting for a few hours while Wyatt napped, and then decided to head to lunch once he woke up... and let me tell you-we totally lucked out for lunch! We were originally headed to Chili's, but when we saw Mimi's Cafe, we decided to check it out. (I'd been 1 time before.) Well, when we got to the door, the manager told us that they were just opening and having a training day. If we would order from different sections on the limited menu and give feedback afterward, lunch was FREE! They chose an appetizer and dessert for us, both were delicious!... We ended up getting a $40 lunch for FREE! What a blessing! There is something about a FREE meal that just tastes better. Ha ha.

That night, Josh and I had our Sunday School Christmas party (went home with some coffee and a pretty cross from Dirty Santa) and then, last night, we met our friends and December prayer buddies, the Schaefers, at Nabeel's for dinner. YUUUM! I forget about Nabeel's, but always like it when I go! After dinner, Josh and I returned a few movies, and rented another one. We are considering doing Blockbuster Online. At about $4.00 to rent 1 movie, it would pay for itself in only a few movies... especially b/c Josh and I usually rent 2 at a time.

Who has had experience with Blockbuster Online?
What are your thoughts?

Today, I am being more productive around the house than I'd originally intended... I love it when that happens. Ha ha. So far, I've been working on laundry, unloaded the dishwasher, talked to the mortgage broker about refinancing the house at the lower interest rates, and have been cleaning out the hall closet. My goal is also to go to the gym every week day and maybe weekends during break... I'm sad to say that I have been a major slacker in this area of my life ... well, I don't even know for how long... hopefully I can keep it up this time, and form a habit!

I hope everyone is having a beautiful Christmas season!

What have you been up to?

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