Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In a few weeks....

SOOOO I totally forgot to post about my b'day that was a few weeks ago! Well, it was a lovely day full of relaxation (between exam days) and running errands because I just wanted to do so. That evening, my parents, sister, aunt/uncle, Godparents, and our friend Britney met us at Cocina Superior for dinner. While we were waiting for a table (it took foooorever b/c the lady told josh they didnt take reservations, which is untrue, we found out) i got to open presents from my parents. They gave me 2 incredible and thoughtful gifts:

1. a card organizer--i am a words person, so i love getting and sending cards. my mama bought me lots of cute cards to get me started!

2. DRUM ROOOOLLL...........................................

Not even kidding!!! It is what I consider to be the perfect present: something that I really want, but won't spend the money on it. We swabbed Miley's cheek last week, so it should be a few weeks before we find out what makes up our lovemuffin, Miley. I know... try contain your's really hard b/c this is so huge!!!! I'll keep everyone posted!

Delicious b'day cake!

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