Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Belly pic 26 weeks!

Here's the belly pics! I am pleased to report that, miraculously, there are still no stretch marks on my belly, although I fear that they will make an appearance eventually. I will certainly be ok if they do, but what girl doesn't hope to avoid them? I cannot believe we're already to 26 weeks... It seems like only yesterday that I was 8 weeks pregnant and just found out that we're having twins :) I still love being pregnant, which is extra-wonderful to me since at 25 weeks I was measuring 37 weeks. Soon, not only will I reach full-term 40 week belly size (when most are very miserable with one baby!), but I will exceed it by a good bit! At 38 weeks with twins, my mom measured about 52 weeks! Absolutely crazy. I'm thinking that my good spirits, despite my belly size, are very mental... It's as if I know that I've got probably 10-12 weeks left of being pregnant, so being miserable now just isn't an option. I also attribute it to the sheer grace of well as the fact that He chose me for this....and this for me, for that matter. He has blessed me with a very healthy and happy pregnancy so far. I thank Him daily for the boys', mine, and Josh's health throughout this pregnancy and ask for continued blessings!... in a nutshell, I'm healthy, happy, and very grateful!

We have officially started going to doctor appointments every 2 weeks and have yet to have an appointment without an ultrasound, which I find amazing. I love seeing our babies, and Dr. Banks seems to like to stay on top of their stats, which he said were "perfect!" last week.... Music to a mama's ears! I cannot remember if I posted it, but last week, they were each weighing in at about 2.5 lbs (almost a pound more than average baby at 25 weeks), had put on 1 lb each in the 3 weeks since the last appointment and were measuring approx 1.5-2 weeks ahead in size. (love it!)

Our next appointment will be a long one. I have my diabetes test, a regular ultrasound, a regular appointment, and for Valentine's Day, my parents offered to treat us to a 4-D ultrasound! (Please understand that they do NOT usually spend that kind of money on us for V-Day... this was just a good excuse and special occasion!) So we have all of that next week, and I'm really looking forward to it. Speaking of ultrasounds, I do have pictures from last week, but haven't scanned them in yet. I will definitely do that tomorrow or Friday. Sorry y'all!

(I might have told y'all this, but preggo brain cannot remember...I'm sorry!)
As of last Thursday, Baby A, who we're thinking is Jack Henry, had flipped around and was head up with his feet down by my cervix..upon which he has started tap-dancing. Baby B, Harrison, on the other hand, was still transverse in the fetal position with his head next to Jack Henry's. Sweet brothers :)

On a side note... I am SOOOOO ready for Spring and some warm, beautiful weather! (especially since I am bound to Birmingham due to my travel restrictions!) haha


Elizabeth Moon said...

You look great! You are such a trooper, as they say. Wishing you all the best.

The Byingtons said...

How awesome that you are getting a 4D ultrasound!! And how special for V-day! I can't WAIT to see those pics. And, I know I always say this, but you seriously just look so cute. Loving the outfit. Purple is a good color on you!

Ellis said...

You look awesome! I have to have the diabetes test on the 18th, so you're in good company!

We put our crib together last night- I posted some pics on my blog! :) Can't wait to get everything else ready!

The Williamson's said...

You do look so great!! I'm real glad to hear that you're still feeling good and that the boys are doing so well also. Hang in there!!

The Halls said...

You look great Taylor! So glad yall are all doing so well!

Megan said...

Hi there! I came across your blog and wanted to say congrats!
I am a first time Mommy to twins as well, they are 16 months :)

I read the part about your mom carrying twins, are you a twin??
I am actually an identical twin but that has nothing to do with the fact that I had twins! I knew around 6 weeks, I just had a "feeling" and instinct if you will. And, I was right!!

Well, if you feel like it check out my blog :)
It was by God;s protection that our miracles made it safe and sound. I was hospitalized for 9 weeks, starting at 23 weeks for pre-term labor. You can read my journey by looking under Aug. 2008 on my blog!

Love the names by the way!

Leslie and Geoff said...

You look fantastic!

BGrace said...

You are too cute! I love the nursery so far too!

Anderson Family said...

WOW~ Taylor you look amazing! Kenny and I are praying you through this pregnancy! Your almost there! Gods wishes and blessings on you and Josh!