Sunday, February 14, 2010

A VERY special Valentine's Day surprise....

Well, tonight there was a very special Valentine's Day surprise! Nope, not for me! :o) Granted, Josh and I have had a nice, low-key, inexpensive Valentine's Day (Neither of us care about going all out for V-Day) with a card this AM.... Sunday School.... I went to the library this afternoon while Josh worked all day, and then we had steaks at home this evening. But, that is not the purpose of this post! I am super excited to tell y'all that tonight, my parents
small group (they are the leaders) threw them a surprise
Grandparents Baby Shower
First, I love that they were able to get one by my parents!
2nd, I love it that they were SO INCREDIBLY thoughtful!!!
and 3rd, I love it that they honored my precious parents like this!

What WONDERFUL friends they are for taking the time to celebrate their becoming Grandparents for the first time :o)
I know I keep saying it, but I just love it.... My parents do so much for us, for their small group, and for others....and I cannot get over how sweet and thoughtful it was of the group (who are some of their very best friends) to want to do this for them. What a special blessing! Not only did they get them a precious cake, but my parents received what sounds like many wonderful gifts to prepare them for Grandparenthood (can't wait to go check them out!) including, but certainly not limited to onesies, bibs, spoons, and their very own pack n play!
Here is the sweet cake!
"Congratulations Mimi and Big Daddy!"
(Harrison and Jack Henry are in the stork's bundle!)

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Elin said...

How great! I hope they got some great stuff. My mom's friends threw her a grandmother's shower and it was super fun. They waited until Emmeline was born so that they could play with her. It was a ball!!