Friday, February 13, 2009

I've been tagged!

I have been tagged by my precious friend, Claire! We met years ago at Camp Winnataska and reconnected in Summer 2007. She and I are constantly amazed at how much our lives have in common, but are also different enough to keep it interesting and learn from each other. She and her husband, Brian, are amazing. They are both so kind. I've been called one of Brian's "biggest fans" after saying, "Brian Jackson is a CATCH! You get him, you hold on tight and don't let go!" b/c Brian's sisters were teasing Claire at her bachelorette party that there was still time to get out... I was having none of that silly nonsense.

Step 1: respond and rework—answer the questions on your own blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention, add one more question of your own.
Step 2: tag—eight other untagged people... might not be 8...

Make a list of things you can see without getting up: I'm sitting in the study... there are khaki walls, a picture of me with my twin sisters in Paris in Summer 2001... pictures of Josh and me from various stages in our dating life-including those from the day he proposed... a framed bible verse Josh's mama gave us (Jer 29:11-13-it's Josh and my special verse).... Gracie, the Grays' tiny puppy running around on the floor trying to eat Josh's houseshoe that is bigger than she is! haha.... (we're puppysitting for them)... the daybed... you get the picture. :)

Favorite football team: Vanderbilt Commodores baby! My alma mater. I also like Texas and LSU through marriage.... don't hate.

What is your favorite thing to wear? .... well, basically anything SUPER comfy and/or jersey knit....

What color is your bedroom? um.... kinda coffee colored maybe?

What’s the last thing you read/are currently reading? I kinda have a few books going right now... The Power of a Praying Wife.... The Shack... anything for school... Falling in Love with Jesus...

Do you nap a lot? I LOOOOVE to nap!

Who was the last person you hugged? Well, she's not a person, but I hugged on Miley when we got back from dinner :)

What’s your current obsession/addiction? Law and Order, Law and Order: SVU, and Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

What was the last thing you said aloud? "No" to Gracie trying to eat Josh's houseshoe...

What Web sites do you always visit when you go online? gmail, facebook, regions, blogs...

What was the last thing you bought? a new sweater (cannot find it on website anymore) and light jacket (in light grey) at Anthropologie tonight with some Christmas money! YAY! I'd been eyeing the sweater for a while, and was so glad that it was on sale!

What are you listening to right now? Miley barking at Josh in the other room as they rough house lol...

What is something you wish you could do more? Travel!

What gives you hope? God's faithfulness.

What is your favorite weather, and why? Spring! There is just this feeling in the air... the warmth of the sun on my skin... the flowers blooming... ahhh I'm so pumped that Spring is on the way!

What time do you usually get up? umm…depends on what time I have class, and whether Josh is around to take Miley out early AM. :o)

What is your most challenging goal right now? motivating myself to lose weight and exercise. I want it so much...

Say something to the person who tagged you: Claire, you are so precious to me. I cherish our chats, lunches, double-dates, phone convos, and puppy play dates. I adore your childlike naivete. I also admire your makeup application abilities. Maybe you can teach me sometime :) Thank you for coming back into my life!

If you could have a house–totally paid for, fully furnished–anywhere in the world, where would you want it to be? I'm torn... I do adore beachy towns, but Josh and I also love Colorado.... and those Greek islands are amazing...

Favorite vacation spot? That is quite a hard question for me! I'd just glad to be ON a vacation in the first place lol.... I do love a good cruise! Anywhere with Joshy G though.

What is your favorite children’s book? I liked "I'll Love You Forever," and definitely "Once Upon a Potty (girl)."

Name one thing you just can’t resist no matter how bad it is for you: chips and queso- hands down. (particularly from Cocina Superior and SATCO)

What is your favorite gift you've received? Cheesy as it might be.... I claim my fave (late) Christmas present was my set of twin sisters born Dec. 26, 1986.

Have you ever met anyone famous? If so who? Hmmm... Joe Diffie... Allison Krauss... Trace Adkins... I can't remember the others... all very brief encounters.

If you could have any job in the world , what would it be? It'd be fun to be a host of a travel show maybe.

Who is your hero? My parents. They have always raised us in a chrisitan household, encouraged us, loved us unconditionally, and have been very generous with us. I admire their 25+ years of loving and faithful marriage, and think they are absolutely amazing.

If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be? I'd have an eternally clean, slightly larger house. hahaha I'm so grateful for my life.

What is the best compliment you've ever received? I was flattered to tears when I received this facebook message from my friend, Allison in Summer 2007:

Just wanted to tell you the story behind our daughters name.
About a year into our relationship we were talking about names for a girl...we both wrote down our favorite girl name and showed it to each other....we both wrote down Taylor. I asked him why he chose that name and he said he has just always liked it. He asked why I chose that name....and I told him about a girl I met in high school who graduated before me, who had a positive impact on my life and for some reason she just stuck with me. Her name was Taylor Brannon.
I just thought you would like to know that you have touched many lives (even if it was just a short time) and that I am sure every day you touch many more!

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