Monday, February 9, 2009


This past weekend, Josh and I went up to Nashville to visit his parents. Trips up there always seem to go by too quickly! After it seemed that all that could go wrong DID before we left, we finally got up to Nashville and went to Cracker Barrel for a late dinner. Saturday morning, Josh met up with a cycling group for a 60 mile ride while Miley and I hung out with his parents for the morning. Regenia took that opportunity to show me the momentos from Josh's childhood that she'd saved--some of which were his "coming home from the hospital" outfit and "first christmas" pajamas--both were PRECIOUS! I cannot wait for our babies to be able to wear some of his old clothes and use the special handmade blankets he used when he was a baby! Around lunchtime, Miley and I went on a walk--YAY! I have been making an effort to get in more activity and was motivated enough to go walk for 30 min. three times last week! Quite an improvement over zero times the week before! It must've really been good b/c I still lost 1 lb this week after a weekend out of town full of food! That is enough evidence to convince me to keep up that activity! My ultimate goal is to get so addicted to exercise/find something I love doing so much that I can eat whatever I want because I workout enough haha. I'm up to 4 lbs lost now. While that's not huge, I've gotta start somewhere... and I'm taking it 1 lb at a time to reach my ultimate goal! I wanna lose to keep it off, and "slow & steady" is the best way! After Josh got back from his ride, he, Regenia (his mom), and I went to lunch at Panera and then to the movies to see "He's Just Not That Into You." I really liked it and thought it was very cute. Definitely some hilarious parts! We met up with one of Josh's college friends, Jamie, and her boyfriend at SATCO for dinner Saturday. YUUUUM! We sure do love SATCO and try to get it at least once everytime we go to Nashville. Miley stayed at home with Josh's parents... we did have a little bit of a scare when we got back from the movies b/c Miley had "eaten/chewed up" a glass angel that was sitting on the shelf. This meant she could've eaten some of the glass... which would potentially cut up her insides and she would need surgery or could bleed internally. (Um, panic!!) I tried not to overreact b/c it wasn't definite that she'd eaten any of it, nor did I want to make Josh's dad feel bad since she was under his watch when it happened. I decided that if she did swallow some of the glass, blood would show up in her poop, and we would handle it from there. I also decided to just lift it up to God. I prayed for God to put His mighty hands on her for peace and protection. He was so faithful b/c that sweet girl is fine! We've seen no blood in her poop, and she actually threw up Sunday early morning, so I was able to sift through to check for any glass, and didn't see any. Praise the Lord for keeping Miley safe. Sunday morning, we went to church with Josh's parents--loved it that I knew most of the songs that we sang... I don't like it when we sing new songs in church b/c it's hard for me to really get into them and sing the words with heartfelt meaning. After a delicious lunch at Blackeyed Pea, Josh and I packed up and headed home for B'ham. It was a great weekend that I wish could've lasted longer. I'm sooo blessed that I have good in-laws and that I actually like spending time with them...not everyone could say that!

Other randomness... Josh and I were honored to attend two incredible weddings this January: Adrienne C. and Caleb E.; and Carrie C. and Matt A. I was so disappointed that I forgot my camera for Carrie and Matt's wedding! Here are a few from Adrienne's wedding. She had one of the most beautiful cakes that I've ever seen. To add to it's wonderfulness--- Usually, you have to use fondant icing to do the ornate, beautiful cake decorations, but this one was done with buttercream!!! YAY! (Josh and I cannot stand fondant). Here is a pic! It resembled the ceiling in the church where they got married!
My BFF Eden was in town the week before last to help her mom with some stuff and brought my favorite ''nephew'' Wyatt to visit! Here he is at Chez Gamble looking precious as can be :o)
Eden and I are throwing a (post baby) baby shower for our friend, Beth, in a few weeks. I ADORE how the invitations turned out! Here's a pic! They are a lot cuter w/o the address and .number blocked out lol... but ya can't be too careful about putting your personal info out there.
Aren't they precious!??
Well, that's all for my random post... hope you're all enjoying this GORGEOUS weather! It is getting me sooo excited for Springtime!


Beth said...

Taylor!!! I love the invites!! they are perfect. I can't wait to see yall and thank you for doing this! call me if you need me. :)

I hope you don't mind but I am going to steal the husband quiz and put it on our blog :)

Cole and Jennifer said...

Ok, note to self - remove all glass objects when we keep Miss Miley! I am SO glad to hear that she is alright... I know you were so worried! On a related note, Gracie may or may not have eaten a pair of tweezers over the weekend. I'm almost positive she didn't (how could she -they're as big as her head), but she's taken to getting things off the side tables and coffee table whenever she can reach them, and when I left her for 2 minutes and came back, the tweezers were nowhere to be found! Still haven't found them even tho I've searched everywhere, and our apartment's not that big! Can't wait for this "puppy" stage to be over!! :)

Sharon said...

you know you're going to be a good mother when you are willing to sift through Miley's vomit looking for shards of glass - hahahaha! I love how going to Josh's parents sounds! I want to go too!