Saturday, February 14, 2009

All you need is love...

Joshy G. and I decided to go to Valentine's dinner a day early. We had a coupon for The Melting Pot, but didn't want to pay for the Valentine's special and wanted to try to avoid the crowds, thus... we went Friday night. It was still crowded, but fortunately we made reservations a week or two ago, so we were seated right away. If you'll remember, Josh and I went to The Melting Pot for our 1st Anniversary. It was fun and pretty delicious, but this time was way better. We didn't really like the cooking style/seasoning we chose back in May, so we chose a different one this time and it was fantastic. We also had a better waiter than in May. The one in May started out ok, but then she eventually got way too chatty. Our guy last night was a little on the chatty side, but way better than ours from May. Anyways...our original plan was to go to dinner Friday night and to get each other V-day presents-something we decided not to do last year to save money. Knowing how expensive dinner at The Melting Pot would be, I decided to propose an alternative to our original plan... I was already planning to get Joshy G. a new grill, which would definitely benefit me, too... so I suggested we just share the grill as our present and go to dinner. Note: Last year, we did not do v-day presents and the grill was less than $100. Plus, we could've done "no presents" again this year, but we would've still ended up getting a new grill eventually, so it was a win-win to just go ahead and get it for v-day. We're not typically "big spenders" for gifts, don't worry lol.... Joshy G. was on board. Knowing that we didn't spend even more money gave us peace of mind that I know made our evening more enjoyable :) Included with this post are two pics from the evening... (If you clicked on the 1st Anniversary link, you might also notice Joshy G. wore the same shirt last night that he did back in May Ha ha!) I've gotten so bad lately about taking pictures and have got to get more deligent about taking them again! You might appreciate these pics b/c Joshy G. is a fine male specimen, but they are ultimately for his mother, Regenia... who he likes to shock with all of the new foods he's started eating since we got together in 2004. (He is a very picky eater who used to claim he was allergic to stuff just so people wouldn't make him eat it, but now he's great at trying new foods---I'm so proud of him! He even had avacado on his sandwich today!) In one of them, he's showing the salad that he's eating... and the other shows him eating a piece of celery! He didn't like the celery, but loved the spinach and mushroom salad. There's some shock for ya, Regenia! I know you're proud :o) With all of that said... we hope that everyone is having a wonderful Valentine's Day.... and remembers to tell the people in your life that you love them every day, not just on this commercialized holiday :o)

"We love because He first loved us." 1 John 4:19

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The Byingtons said...

Thanks for your concern TBG! You're too sweet! Cullen's aunt and grandmother are bringing us food when we come home tomorrow so I think we'll be good on that front. I will let you know though! XOXOXOXO