Saturday, August 22, 2009

lake teaser....

I'll try to do a bigger post about the lake trip soon... but in the meantime, here are a few lake trip pictures...courtesy of the Byingtons!
Katiepie's FIRST time to have smores!
The cute Byingtions!Did you buy your tickets to the gun show??Trey showing us how it's done!Dave, the master Cuban sandwich maker!The girls: bcowart, katipie, kims120, and TBG!Cullen and Josh.... double trouble!Cullen on top of Lost Boys...
he jumped off of it like it was no big thing!My sweet Miss Miley Jean Sweet friends!
Culligan looking cute for a photo op
during a very rousing game of "Things"...Sooo much fun!Miss Miley Jean hanging out while we played "Things"

KIMS120, magetsfast, katiepie, culligan,
TBG, jgam, bcowart, and davecowart.... and missmileyjean at the bottom!

The group... lovin' lake life.
Awesome picture of the guys!
The boys ride off into the sunset!
Isn't she the cutest?

We can't wait to go back AGAIN! Love y'all!


Elizabeth Moon said...

Those are beautiful pictures! Looks like y'all had FUN!

Paige said...

2. your friends are cute
3. who took the pictures of all of y'all?
4. you are SUCH a tease