Saturday, August 22, 2009

The latest.....

Well, I'm so glad to report that my BFF Eden and her sweet family made it out to California safely after their three week trek across the U.S.! Along the way, they made some really awesome stops, which you can read about on their blog: I cannot wait to get out there to visit them, see their new cute house, and check out how big baby girl keever (belly) has grown! My sister Grace gave me her old web camera and I'm really looking forward to doing some skyping with the Keevers soon!

In other news, Grace has officially finished her first week in Vet School at Auburn! She had 2 quizzes on Friday-bless her heart-but I'm sure she did really well....she's so smart!

I also just finished my first week back to school. Looks like it's going to be a good semester. I've started feeling a little bit of fall in the air and am not wishing away Summer, but am really looking forward to fall and all that it entails....especially the gorgeous leaves changing colors and Josh and my yearly tradition that we started in 2004 when we first started dating: Vanderbilt Homecoming! Usually, we stay with my in-laws, but this year is my 5 year reunion (omgosh!) and we thought it'd be a nice treat to get a hotel room downtown close to Vandy since Josh's parents live out in Hendersonville (about 20-25min away) and we're actually going to be attending some events this year. I'm really looking forward to getting back up there and enjoying campus.

It's been a little while since I've posted about Miss Miley Jean... She's doing GREAT! I can definitely tell that she's past the 1 year old mark b/c she has gotten more obedient, calmed (some haha), and comes when called (better). She is just such a joy to have in my life. Maybe it's sick, but I just love her SO much. How could you not... that precious face and the UNconditional love? It just touches my heart. We took 3 couples from our Sunday School class to the lake last weekend (a whole other post soon! OMGosh it was so much fun!) and they were all so so sweet to Miley. She had a ball! Usually, when we've been down at the lake this summer, my sister's dog Bailey has been down there. She and Miley are great buddies and always have fun together. I do think, however, that Miley enjoyed being the only dog dog there to relish in all of the love and attention from everyone! I don't call her my child, which you know from previous posts, but she is my "pup-child" and it makes me so happy to see friends that I care about love on my "pup-child" and adore her, too. I'm a proud "pup-mom."

Well, that's the latest, y'all! Hope everyone is happy and blessed :o)

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