Monday, August 31, 2009

quick catch up....

Hey y'all! I hope you're all well and very blessed!

Sorry that I've been MIA the past week or so.... Last Thursday, Joshy G woke up with some pretty intense stomach pain and what felt like a fever. Since we didn't have a thermometer at our house yet (got one that afternoon), I gave him some tummy medicine and sadly had to get to class. After a stop by Publix for some essentials, I came home to my sick hubby. Boy was he pitiful with his flushed cheeks and tired self. We took his temperature and he had a fever of 100.3! My doctor has told me in the past that b/c adult bodies are bigger, it takes a lot more to get our fever to raise, so for his to be elevated even a few degrees sent up flags. I really wanted to get in touch with our doctor b/c the fever really concerned me. Fortunately, I spoke to my aunt and she told me about our doctor's after hours service. Long story short, we finally got up with our doctor and because he'd had chills that afternoon, fever, headache, tired, and was a little achy, she called in some Tamiflu for him... Joshy G. had the flu. Bless his heart. She also told me that these days, they are calling all flu "Swine Flu" because most of the cases that they have cultured and observed have been Swine. So, I guess Joshy G. technically had Swine Flu, but we just say "flu" so people don't freak out Ha-ha. Anyways... I went to Walgreen's and got Josh's medicine and some Gatorade to really push the fluids. The next day, he was fever-free and on his way to well (although not 100% for sure... he still had his headache, tender tummy, and was still a little tired/achy). His mom and his Aunt Charlotte had already been scheduled to stay with us that Friday night, so I let them know what was up and let them make the decision whether they stayed with us or not. They decided to risk it since he did not have a fever and was on the meds. After they got here, Regenia (M-I-L), Aunt Charlotte and I went to Cajun Steamer and left Joshy G at home to rest. Don't worry... we brought him back a pasta dish as requested...although it might have been a bit overzealous of him b/c later it made his stomach hurt again. Saturday, Regenia and Aunt Charlotte left early that morning and Josh and I spent the rest of the day relaxing and medicating... (him, not me. haha.) Since "they" recommend staying home about 5 days with the flu to keep from infecting others, we stayed home on Sunday, too. (I stayed home to take care of Josh and to not spread the germs..just in case). Now, it's Monday morning, and Josh is feeling great! What an answered prayer---God healed him...and quickly! It's back to life as usual again....homework and personal training. I'm so grateful to have not gotten the flu and to have my healthy husband back. Speaking of homework, I'd better get back to it.... but I hope you're having a blessed week so far!

Oh! I also finally posted lake pictures on facebook. Hopefully this link will work for you!
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Elizabeth Moon said...

Oh that is so awful! I'm glad he's feeling better. My sister down in Auburn has had it this week, as well.