Thursday, August 6, 2009

Meet CAbi

Hey y'all! You may or may not know what CAbi clothes are, so allow me introduce you....

CAbi stands for
arol Anderson by invitation.

Carol Anderson used to design for Nordstrom, but decided to go out on her own to design her own clothing line for women. The clothes are high quality with an incredible attention to detail, reasonably priced, extremely versatile, and are designed to be highly flattering to a woman's body! They offer sizes 0-16 and XS-XL.

does a fall and spring line each year. There are actually women out there who only shop twice a year: CAbi in the fall and CAbi in the spring!

CAbi is an exclusive personal shopping experience in the comfort of home!

CAbi clothes are loved by women of all ages! For example, my 22 year old sister just bought some last week, and my best friend's mother is a consultant and wears CAbi often!

That said, I will have the CAbi Fall 2009 line at my house from about August 14-23rd (I will be out of town that weekend Aug 14-16th) and would love for you to come by to check them out! Just give me a call, text, or e-mail about when you'd like to come by!

I'm not a consultant... I just love the clothes and think everyone should know about CAbi clothes because they are FABULOUS!


The Byingtons said...

Umm, Mrs. Gamble, won't you be otherwise occupied on Aug 14-16???

Grant, Meg and Favre said...

Taylor!! I'm soo glad you love CAbi!! I worked for CAbi last yr in bham as an assistant for a consultant. LOVE the clothes!!! EVERYONE--go to Taylor's and check out the fall line..soo cute and they fit wonderfully:)

Leslie and Geoff said...

LOVE ME SOME CAbi! My friend Caroline sells it!

Cabi For Less said...

Check out CAbi on eBay for some great deals on CAbi clothes.