Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Absolutely precious, almost finished, and MOJO Personal Fitness!

So, I was visiting some of the blogs over to right right, and went to Grethel Van Epps Photography blog... here is one of the pics that she recently took. I have no clue who the little girl is, but I just thought this picture was precious and timeless.

Speaking of photography...I recently made a rather large and exciting purchase--a Nikon D60 Digital SLR camera! (I had birthday money, otherwise, it would not have been in the budget at all haha) I cannot wait to learn how to use it well and take beautiful pictures! I decided to go with the D60 because, first of all, Nikon is a fantastic company, but also because it was 10.3 megapixels. Apparently that's all you really need...and I did not want to be buying another camera again soon. It's also better for people who edit/crop pictures, and I do like a good cropping from time to time. I'm most excited about taking pictures of Josh and my future babies with this camera... I'm thrilled by the photographic possibilities and probabilities of trips to the lake... family gatherings...birthdays... Josh's cycling races....trips to visit friends... and more. I got it at Wolf Camera, along with some filters and one other lens. With my purchase came free photography classes, so I'm thinking about taking one or two sometime. Anyways... that's new and exciting!

Hmm... I'm trying to think what has been up with us lately. This past weekend, Josh's mom came down from Friday evening to Saturday afternoon, which we really enjoyed, as always. We went to dinner with her at Cajun Steamer and saw The Proposal Friday night. We thoroughly enjoyed The Proposal! Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock are just gorgeous people, so easy on the eye to watch for 1+ hrs.... and both hilarious. Saturday morning, we grabbed Miley Jean and headed to Pepper Place Farmer's Market....which was short-lived. Miley hasn't been there before, so between the food smells, people smells, dogs smells and crowd, she was a bit overwhelmed. She can handle Josh's cycling races really well, but this was a bit much for her. It was also her first time out in a crowd in a while, so she was kinda jazzed up, making it difficult for me to hold her (she's very strong-pure muscle!), and my stubborn ass wouldn't let Josh take her from me... serves me right, huh? After the market, we dropped sweet Miley off to nap and headed to Patton Creek to finally get to go into Wrapsody. It is always closed when I'm up there because it's usually at dinner time, so I have been wanting to see all of their stuff for a while. It was very cute... great for little gifts, etc. We had lunch at Edgar's Bakery, stopped by Dick's to see if they had any good dry-fit shirts for Josh to train people in, and then headed home. Regenia packed and left... Josh and I rested for a little bit and then headed to our sweet friends', the Byingtons, house to grill out and swim! It was wonderful catching up and visiting with them, the Schaefers, and the Elams. Sunday AM, Josh dropped me off at Sunday school so he could go take care of my aunt and uncle's dogs. Then, that afternoon, we went to my parents' house to honor my daddy's father's day present request: manual labor. haha. As you all know, my sweet sister Grace is moving to Auburn, AL for vet school soon, and the house my parents bought down there (great deal) is almost ready for Gracie to move in and get settled! Because of this, my daddy wanted help bringing furniture up from the basement, which is where Joshy G and his bulging biceps come in...and my manual labor was wiping down all of the furniture so it wouldn't track spider webs and dust to the new house. We are calling the house The Hive (Beehive) because it's... A Brannon house... and Grace is a Brannon...and she'll live there with Bailey... get it? B's!

On another perky note, I'm glad to report that I'm about halfway through summer semester AND now that June is coming to an end, I will be finished with one of my classes... which will drop my load from 5 to 4 classes for the rest of the summer... haha... It's still a big load, but it'll be better than what I'm dealing with right now.

I've been doing:
Mon-3-5pm (usually observing at observation site 7:30-9:30am)
Tues 8-5pm non-stop
Weds (same as Monday)
Thursday 8am-9:40pm with 2hr break in the middle that I've been using to eat lunch and work out in for the past couple of's been working out well
Fri I work at Bayliss Maching and Welding, my God-parents' family company, from 8am-12:30pm doing secretarial work. It's a wonderful way to get to see them more and earn some extra (well, not extra b/c we need it!) money to add to the Gamble pot!

Now, it'll be:
Tues 8am-2pm
Thurs 8am-12:25pm and 5:50-9:40pm
Friday work at Bayliss 8am-12:30pm....definitely better! :)
I'll still have 12 hrs of observations for one of my other classes on top of this...but I'll survive.

On another front, Josh's training business seems to slowly be growing, PRAISE THE LORD! What an answered prayer! He has been working on a website, we ordered him some business cards (pic!), and our wonderful friend Trey who owns Art Promotional Services has been working with us on designing a great logo for MoJo Personal Fitness, so Josh can really brand himself. We appreciate it more than Trey could ever know.

For those of you that don't already know, MoJo Personal Fitness offers a variety of training options.
  • Josh will come to your house to "home train" you. For this you don't need a home gym or anything. He brings what little equipment you will use, and you do a lot of plyometrics and other activities that can simply be done around the house.
  • He also offers "partner training" at home if you want a friend to join you.
  • Josh has boot camps/group fitness classes going out at Liberty Park and in Crestline, and is always open to starting new ones in different parts of town to anyone who can get a group of 5 or more people together!
  • Josh has recently signed on at Icon Performance Gym over in Cahaba Heights to have a facility for clients who would like to train in a gym setting.
  • Last, but not least, Josh is also teaching a boot camp at Hoover Fitness in Bluff Park on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings! Monday and Friday are at 10am and Wednesdays are at 9am.
Any BTW, the first session/class is FREE! You have nothing to lose but pounds :)

I ask that you all please join us in praying for Josh to continue to get more business, and that you spread the word about his personal training. God is so good, and I know that he will provide...because like He tells us in Jeremiah 29:11 (Josh and my verse together)...He knows the plans He has for us! Plans to prosper us and not to harm us, plans to give us hope and a future! We just need to call upon His name, pray to Him, and He will listen! We will seek Him and find Him when we seek Him with all of our hearts! AMEN!

Hope y'all are having a wonderfully blessed week! Love, the Gambles!


Elizabeth Moon said...

Awesome! I am looking forward to seeing your photographs!

Grethel Van Epps said...

Thanks for the shot out!.. noticed traffic ro my blog coming from here, so I had to check it out.. :)
Congrats on your new camera!!!