Monday, June 29, 2009


I cannot thank y'all ENOUGH for your incredible response to helping me in my quest to find an excellent OB-GYN! My plan is to make some selections from the list of the recommended doctors and then go meet them to see how well we mesh/how things are run at their practice.

It excites me that so many of you love your doctors so much, and I hope to find one that I will be as enthusiastic about and love!

So far, here is who y'all have recommended!:
  1. Dr. Kennedy
  2. Dr. Heidi Straughn
  3. Dr. Lance Radbill
  4. Dr. Damrich
  5. Dr. Barron
  6. Dr. Robinett
  7. Dr. Huggins
  8. Dr. Adcock
  9. Dr. Dan Hudson
  10. Dr. Ashley Tamucci
  11. Dr. Greg Banks
  12. Dr. Favor


Sarah Beth said...

I really like mine too! It is Dr. Wendy Gregory and she is in the same practice as Dr. Favor.

Elizabeth Moon said...

I LOVE Heidi Straughn!

tyne said...

taylor- one of my friends from college works for dr favor. she actually is a judson alum as well. i have heard fantastic things about her!- tyne

Rachel said...

Dr. Banks (Alabama Women's Specialists) is the best. Love,love, love him. I would have been crushed if anyone else delivered Will and Reese. The practice isn't huge and they don't rotate you through all the other doctors. You won't feel like he is rushing you and he is so personable. Glad you want to go to Brookwood. Paul's Mom is head of the postpartum floor and she loves when her kids' friends have babies there. :)

The Byingtons said...

Ok, so #2 on your list is the one I was telling you about the other night in the pool. If you don't remember & need more details, email me! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Taylor! My mom and I have used Dr. Staughn and loved her! Dr. Robinett actually delivered me and some friends and my mom and her friends all loved him. Dr. Huggins delivered Hunter and my mom did NOT like him, but I am not sure why, but I trust her judgement. Good luck!- Beven

The Williamson's said...

Taylor, I use Dr. Heidi Straughn and I absolutely love her. I've been going to her for 5 or 6 years now and I have no complaints. I hope you find someone that you like.

Anonymous said...

Tay, Did you know 2 of the Dr.s on that list delivered you?
It was Huggins and Robinett!