Saturday, June 27, 2009


Ok... I know this is kind of on the personal side, but I thought it was a good forum to ask about this... especially because I believe most (if not ALL) of my readers are women! After graduating from college, I started seeing Dr. Roxanne Travelute as my doctor, whom I absolutely adore! Because she is an Internist, she can meet all of my medical needs, with the exception of more serious issues that would require specialists (God forbid) and delivering babies (which is unfortunate, b/c she'd be amazing!)

Josh and I have been married for over 2 years now, and are looking forward to starting a family at some point. I'd really like to go ahead and find an OB-GYN now, so I can establish a relationship before we start trying for babies later. As of now, I do not have a preference about sex of the doctor, only that he or she have a great bed-side manner, personableness, and brilliance, of course ;o)

So... Ladies, I need your help! I'd really like to find a doctor at Brookwood Hospital because it is literally a few minutes from Josh and my house, and my daddy works there often, so it'd be nice later when babies are coming to have him so close, too.

  • Who have you heard are good OB-GYNS at Brookwood?
  • Who have you had as an OB-GYN at Brookwood that you adored? (whether you've had a baby or not)
  • Who have you or a friend had that you/they did NOT like as an OB-GYN at Brookwood?

I'd really appreciate your help and advice! I'm open to any other advice/opinions you have to offer! If you feel funny posting that information for one reason or another, you're welcome to e-mail it to me at

Thanks, y'all!


Stephanie Day said...

Hey Taylor! I am not sure how I stumbled across your blog, but know that we have some mutual friends! Anyway, I have been seeing Dr. Ashley Tamucci at Brookwood Hospital for almost 10 years now and she is WONDERFUL! I have nothing but the best things to say about her and she has delivered both of my children and has twin litle boys of her own. I also have 4 friends that go to her too. She is the absolute best and very easy going. Her practice has a website as well...
I hope this helps and if you have any questions about her or anything, just let me know!

Stephanie Day

John and Misty Schluchter said...

Hey Taylor! I use Dr. Elizabeth Barron of Women's Care Specialists at Broowood. I love love love her! She delivered both of my boys and she was recommended to me by a friend who has two babies that she delivered. I recommend her to anyone looking. She is great. She puts you at ease and I am never uncomfortable around her...which is great for me. She has a great since of humor and goes out of her way to get to know you and your family. Also, big bonus...she is only 5 ft tall and has tiny hands... you probably know what that means. :) Painless!! Anyways, I highly recommend her!

Cole and Jennifer said...

Tay~I'm sure you remember this but I am seeing Dr. Karla Kennedy of Women's Care Specialists (same practice as last post) and she is great! She also puts you at ease and remembers the little things that you mention weeks later. I really liked that about her because I wanted someone who would be good at keeping me calm and relaxed during L & D. Not sure exactly how their practice does things yet, but I think you may end up delivering with whichever Dr is on call, so this would be a good place to go with b/c all their Drs are very highly recommended. I have also heard great things about Dr. Barron. I'm sure I'll have more to add once baby Gray has made her arrival!