Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baby Update 12 weeks 2 days

both of the babies... Baby B is chillin' and Baby A is doing flips... will be interesting to see if this is a bit of foreshadowing :) haha
Baby B
Baby A flipped on his/her tummy.... and I think fell asleep lol.

I just got back from my 2nd prenatal (12 weeks 2 days pregnant) appointment with my doctor, Dr. Banks, at Brookwood. Because we're having twins, which is considered a high-risk pregnancy, we have a LOT of ultrasounds and got another one today, which was VERY exciting!

They are growing like weeds and I love it! Baby A is measuring 12 weeks 6 days big and Baby B is measuring 13 weeks big (so both essentially 1/2 week ahead) I was so glad to hear that. I'd rather them be on the big side b/c I associate that with healthy and getting plenty of nutrients! They both have strong heart rates of 158.

I am due May 17th, 2010, but with twins, the goal is to get them past 36 weeks, which is considered full-term and will be April 19th. My personal goal, assuming all is healthy and well, is to get them to May...May 3rd will be 38 weeks. It could happen! Sweet Grace and Paige (my sisters) were born at 38 weeks at very a healthy 7 lbs a piece! whew! Dr. Banks is very hopeful, too.

Both of my parents got to come with Josh and me this time, so that was very special! My next appointment is the day before Thanksgiving, and boy, do Josh and I have MUCH for which to be thankful this year! Josh has also recently had some job interviews and a few offers. What a beautifully answered prayer. God is so so good to us. It humbles me.

Oh yeah! It's looking like our gender appointment will be approx DEC 16th! Can't wait!

Hope you're all well and blessed.

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Mommy Ashley said...

They are growing!! I can't wait to finally see you soon! Which we need to plan haha....Im so thrilled for yall and so glad you are keeping us all updated! Love u!