Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Those precious Gamble twins...

Here is Baby A's leg... and 1/2 of its body.... loves that belly time!
Here is precious Baby B... seems to be sucking its thumb!
Here is Baby A again... Again on the tummy... love it.

It's funny, b/c that's what our kids will be known as... The Gamble Twins. Too cute :o)
Here are some pics from the appointment today! The Dr. is very pleased with their development so far. Both babies are weighing in at approx 5 oz and Babycenter says typical for this week's weight is 2.5 oz (for a singleton)... so we've got big babies so far! Such a blessing and perfect, b/c it is ideal for twins to gain more weight on the front end b/c their weight gain/growth rate slows down and even eventually declines a little compared to singletons. They are also both still measuring about 1/2 week ahead of schedule. Their heart beats were both strong and in the 130s and 140s. Grace and Paige (my twin sisters) were both 7 lbs a piece at 38 weeks and I was 9.9 lbs born past my due date. We Brannons make big babies apparently :) Josh was also about 8 lbs... so these babies have got that going for them, too!

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