Monday, November 16, 2009

A few belly pics...

Sorry I didn't post any belly pics on the last update. I don't do it very often b/c, for some reason, it feels daunting, but once I do it, I remember how easy and quick it actually is... so, here are some belly pics for the masses. Don't expect much lol... like I said... a "little" babies belly... I'll do better at taking/posting them more regularly.
These 1st 2 were back at 7.5 weeks
This was 10 weeks
I think that this was tues or thurs this past week... 13 weeks Kind of awkward pic b/c of my vest... should've taken it off. This was yesterday, right at turning 14 weeks. It's not a very flattering picture (please ignore that!), but you can def see the belly because of the more fitted dress. I'm also a little full from lunch. :) Don't want to overstate the belly size.It is very hard work gestating twins.... or at least taking care of someone who is :)
He's so precious to me and doing a fabulous job taking care of me. Josh can't wait for the babies to be here so he can finally meet them :)We can't forget Miss Miley, my best girl and fur-baby.


The Byingtons said...

YAY! Thanks for pleasing us belly-pic-loving folks! :-) SO cute in the snazzy dress!!! Love the comments about Josh & Miley too. XOXO

stephie1010 said...

yeah, in those first two you're not showing AT ALL! But love the dress pics! :)

Paige Brannon said...

formal request:

stand in the same place and have Josh take the picture. I want these pics to be as precise as possible. It's hard loving that belly from afar without strict adherence to my obsession.

Mommy Ashley said...

Yay for the bab(ies) belly =)! When I'm all better lunch! Maybe next saturday after the Holidays?