Sunday, November 22, 2009

Navel my womb.

Well, I was politely reminded by Katie B. at Whitney's baby shower that I need to take a belly pic today. "Do I need to take your belly picture right now so you'll remember???" Ha ha ha I loved it... and the fact that she and so many people are so into our babies. :o) So, here's this week's babies belly! I've gotten into a habit of taking them on Sundays, which is technically "X weeks and 6 days"... or 14 weeks and 6 days today... but I just round them off... so this is my 15 week belly pic. I kind of wish I'd gotten Josh to take it when I got home from the baby shower b/c I definitely looked cuter than I do here, but he was taking a nap and I thought it'd be a bit insensitive to make him get up just for that. I probably should've put my hand on the bottom to show the belly better... but, well... I'm still learning how to take the perfect belly pic :) We've got a good bit more on which to practice though. Ha ha. My goal is to take the pics every Sunday in this doorway. BTW... we have our next Dr. appointment on Wednesday and Aunt Grace and Aunt Paige will be joining us! The babies are the sizes of navel oranges this week....about 4 inches long and weigh about 2.5 oz.
My loves wrestling/loving in the hallway post belly pic.
Joshy G. the other night... on his trainer... playing football on Wii... lol
Miley fave spot as of late... which is nice and wonderful, except she's gotten that red cover thing all hairy and dirty... so I might be washing it and putting down an approved Miley blanket to help stop the dirt and hair. It'd be easiest just to not allow her up there... but that'd involve her not being a spoiled little pup... which she is, clearly.

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The Byingtons said...

haha glad I could be part of your reminder service. :-) And I heart that Miley's in the pic with you w/ all her cuteness!!