Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gender Dinner, pajamas, and a belly pic!

So, I'm heading to bed, but wanted to do a post...

The way we told my parents:
We had a "Gender Dinner" at our house...grilled burgers and chicken... the family offered to bring sides, and we made a very special dessert! The layers of the cake were blue/blue, blue/pink, or pink/pink, depending on whether the babies were boys or girls ...or one of each! (Clearly, ours were both BLUE!) Here is a pic of our family that came... like I said before, I had to keep the guest list very short, b/c we were cooking (and I have very limited seating for dinner guests), otherwise I would've invited more people, for sure. It turned out to be my aunt/uncle, God-parents, my parents, cousin Rachel +fiance' Chris and cousin Laura, and sister Paige and boyfriend Brent. Oddly enough, the "adult" women (mom, aunt, God-mother) happened to also be our "babysitters".... for when I go back to school in the Fall after the babies are born. They have all generously offered to keep the boys to help out! (Answered prayer!) Really, the people I cared most about being there were my parents. The dinner was planned for them, so we could tell them the gender(s) in a special way. We were so glad everyone was able to come (esp with such last minute notice). I always love having people over! (It certainly doesn't hurt that now my house is so clean! Ha Ha) There is also a before and after pic of the cake that Josh made! It was, by the way, more delicious than our usual cakes. Apparently he only used egg whites, so maybe that was it! Or....maybe I'm pregnant and things taste better. Ha Ha.... maybe both :)BLUE INSIDES!

The way we told Josh's parents:
They came to town on Saturday afternoon. Josh instructed them to go ahead and put their stuff in their room. When they got in there, they found pajamas that said "Thank Heaven for Little Boys" on each of their beds. Josh's mom was particularly excited that we're having two boys. Apparently she'd sat on Santa's knee in Marshall, TX (visiting family) the night before and specifically asked him for 2 boys! :) Guess her Christmas wish came early. Glad we could help. Ha Ha... They are really excited to meet the boys this Spring, and Regenia has offered to come stay with us for a week sometime after they are born to help out. She is always very generous with Josh and me.

Here is this week's belly pic. We took it right after church... I've decided that none of these are flattering, but that's the nature of the sideways belly pic I suppose lol... At least I'm not in pajamas this time! Ha Ha.(That's not my belly button, it's my pants that are undone and being held up with my belly band! I've yet to buy maternity pants... mostly b/c I dread the shopping/trying on of pants. Think I'm going to have to bite the bullet soon since these wouldn't even zip!)

Hope you all had a very blessed Thanksgiving, regardless of where or with whom you spent it. We are all so fortunate for the wonderful lives that God has given us and I am extremely grateful. . . particularly this year, for my savior, family, friends, and definitely my incredible husband Josh, and my baby boys baking in my oven :)


Krista Garner said...

Oh my gosh! I'm just reading your blog for the first time (it's so cute by the way) .... that's exactly the same way we plan to tell everyone the gender of our baby (by cutting the cake)! Great minds think alike! :)

The Byingtons said...

LOVE the cake!! The question mark was a cute idea too!! You are so sweet to take time out of your "could be sleeping" hours to give us all a belly/boys update! You look fabulous. Love the new layout too btw!

PS - My sister said to tell you that once you buy the maternity pants you'll wonder why you didn't get them sooner b/c they're amazing!!

Elin said...

Go for the maternity pants. I resisted for a while, but was SO much more comfortable once I made the switch. You don't have to get those awful full panel ones (yet). I wore elastic waist below belly pants the whole time.

And could you be any cuter with your baby bump!!

stephie1010 said...

Love the CABI top on you! :)