Friday, December 18, 2009

18.5 week appointment

Wednesday, we went for our 18.5 week appointment. As you might remember, this would've been our gender appointment, had we not been so fortunate to find out at 15.5 weeks. For those of you who haven't had babies (hey, I'm just learning all of this too-no worries) the gender appointment is typically also the one where they do a lot of important measuring and checking on the baby(ies). For example, they measured the boys' nuchal folds in their brain/back of their heads. The size of these can tell them if Downs Syndrome is indicated. Thank the Lord, both of them had "normal" range nuchal folds. (ie: Around 4+ typically indicates D.S. and the boys both had around 2.5 or less). The ultrasound lady also looked at their kidneys, lip (for cleft palate), and other stuff. Everything looked fantastic. (Praise God!) The boys are to the point in their development that the ultrasound lady no longer measures their size in CRL or Crown to Rump length. Now, they measure the head circumference, abdominal circumference, and femur length to determine their size. Both boys are still measuring about a 1/2 week big (yay!) and are each weighing in at approximately 10 oz! (Babycenter suggests a typical baby would be almost 7 oz at this point.) You know how we love for our babies to get good, big measurements... bc I kind of associate big with healthy, for my boys. As their mommy and total source of nutrients, I love hearing that they are getting plenty and growing strong! Dr. Banks said they, and I, are looking "GREAT!" and he is so pleased. YAY! Here are some pictures of our sweet boys...
Baby B's legs! Josh and I saw these and immediately both of us said "he's definitely our child!" haha... (those look a lot like our legs) Baby B loooves his legs... he was kicking them and moving them around a lot of the ultrasound lol... love. it. and him :)
Here is Baby B on his belly... good spine shot!
Sweet Baby A's profile...loving that belly.
Here is Baby A's sweet foot! I cannot wait to kiss them all over.
Baby A was very into his arms :) He even gave us what looked like a flexed muscle arm at one point Ha Ha.


The Williamson's said...

The boys are looking good! I'm glad to hear that y'all got another good report.

Elin said...

Yum yum!! Baby feet!! I'm so glad they are looking good. I know you are so excited.

Kimmie said...

so precious! by the way, i LOVE the names!!! they are so classy. i have ALWAYS wanted to name a little boy harrison...but then steven and i realized that if anyone shortened it to harry his name would be Harry Sprayberry. haha. so we couldn't use that one. i LOVE jack henry too!

Sharon said...

Taytay - are baby A and baby B the same baby A and baby B every time? Are you starting to associate them with names? They are healthy baby boys and I'm so happy about that!!!!