Tuesday, December 22, 2009

19 week belly post

Here's the belly pic for 19 weeks (18wks 6 days). We are getting geared up to start working on the nursery right after Christmas, and actually picked up our new nursery chair from Storkland this morning! I'll try to post a picture once we get it in the house, etc. Hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas season. Being pregnant, especially with boys, gives me an even greater appreciation for the sacrifice that God made by giving His one and only son to save me from my sins.
We are so wonderfully blessed.
Merry Christmas, y'all!


The Byingtons said...

Aww they're for sure growing! You look adorable. After Christmas, it's time to get down to serious baby business (showers, etc.). Can't wait!!!

Mama Bird said...

Awww girlie you look sooo cute! Keep putting up pics! Can't wait to see your cute decorating in the nursery!