Saturday, December 5, 2009


I started a post about this during Thanksgiving week, but got busy with Thanksgiving and other family time, and totally forgot to finish it... so I just started over.

Early morning the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, my sister Grace, Josh, and I went down to Rick and Bubba's annual Turkey Toss. Grace and Josh intended to compete--in the women and men divisions, respectfully. The toss is where people throw frozen turkeys to see who can throw the 12 lb turkey the greatest distance. The measurement is taken after the turkey lands and quits sliding. Each different division (men, women, soldiers, children, and high heels) competed for various amounts of gift cards to Academy Sports, the highest being $1,000! Josh chose the backward throw, which had gotten him good distance in a turkey toss back in 2003 (i think it was). Grace, on the other hand, chose the overhead throw. Grace was throwing pretty solid 50-something throws, but there were two previous champs who were throwing 80 ft throws! Knowing she could not conquer these beasts, Grace swapped to the high heel division! LOL... She borrowed some high heeled boots from a lady behind us in line! Anyone who knows Grace at all knows she is definitely a lady, but not a lady who enjoys the high heel... (nor does she need them at 6 ft tall) Ha Ha. Anyways... Josh did not perform as he would've liked to... and will try again next year if the Turkey Toss is held in Birmingham. (It changes locations each year. One year it was in Nashville and Auburn another year.) Well....


We were (are) so proud! Here are some pictures!

Warming up with a 25 lb weight... makes the 12 lb turkey feel light!
Let's do this!Joshy G lookin' awesome and strong :)These boots were made for.... throwing frozen turkeys?I can hear "Eye of the Tiger" playing
All of the 1st and 2nd place winners!

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Paige Brannon said...

my favorite picture is the one where she has her back arched so much and her cute bottom is poked way out. so proud!!