Sunday, December 6, 2009

Belly pic 17 weeks... and a little more.

Here is what I call my 17 week (16wk 6 days) picture... As I've said before, I really take the picture the day before I get a "new week," but it's certainly close enough! I'm still feeling great... with the exception of the occasional low moments... which tend to coincide with getting too hot and usually some water helps the bad feelings go away. No worries! I thought I'd also post the other 2 pics to show the moments leading up to the belly pic. Miley did not really want to cooperate tonight and was feeling very needy for her mama... at first it's her loving on me and then she did her thing where she sticks her nose between your knees. We have no idea why she does, but ever since she's been tall enough, she's loved doing this to anyone who will let her. (Don't worry, she's not sniffing your crotch, it's just a nose between the knees.) I honestly think that she really likes the pressure on her face... and it puts her back in the perfect position for you to pet her. Win-Win for her. :)
THE belly. and sweet miley.

Miley with Milton, Josh's dad last weekend. He loooves her, and she loves him back!

The other night, Miley reminded me of a good child-rearing concept: check out exactly what they are doing before you fuss at them... I saw her under the Christmas tree (close to the usual spot she takes stuff she's not supposed to have) chewing on something... I started to fuss at her and realized that sweet girl was just enjoying a more festive bone-chewing experience under the tree. No harm, no foul...and oh, so cute. I had to snap a pic of this b/c it was cute... clearly, as is a woman's perrogative, Miley could not make up her mind which bone/toy she wanted.... so she chose 3. There ya go, Miley girl!


Grant, Meg and Favre said...

You look great Taylor! Glad to hear you are feeling pretty good:) Had to comment, that Favre does that same thing as Miley!! When we come home, he gets excited and also also likes to walk back and forth in between our legs. I always think that maybe it's b/c he's soo big and we cant just pick him up to cuddle, so it's his way of cuddling/rubbing on us and getting some attention! Aren't they soo funny!!

Kimmie said...

you look GREAT! and i just saw that you are having two boys...i'm a little behind on my blog hopping lately. i am THRILLED for you! i cannot begin to tell you how much you are going to love a boy...and having two makes it double the fun! enjoy, rest, and relax while you can.;);)

The Byingtons said...

So, cute outfit, cute glasses, cute BELLY... this is my new fave. They're growing & you're still looking amazing!!

Leslie and Geoff said...

We have some "needy Bella/Leslie belly shot" photos too! Give her lots of love and attention now, because no matter how hard you try, she won't get the same amount after the babies get here! (Trust me.)

Paige Brannon said...

I really like how she wanted to be festive while she chewed on her bone. Reminds me of Bess laying under the tree. OR in Grey's when they lay under the tree and look up at the lights.

I also like your belly. Can't wait to talk through it to the boys this weekend.

I also like that you have posted two entries so close in time. :)

oh yeah, I also like you a WHOLE LOT.