Saturday, December 12, 2009

Elastic panels... and incredible hubbies.

So... I finally bought some maternity pants today.... and I LOVE THEM!!!! My friend, Krista, said that she doesn't know why women don't just wear them all the time... and I've gotta say, particularly comfort-wise, I totally agree! It was such a relief to just be able to pull them up and down when going to be bathroom... instead of having to reposition my pants that would not even zip up or close at all and then position my belly band on top. I owe it all to my precious hubby, Josh. He took me to shop during the hour between my sweet sister, Paige's, graduation (magna cum-laude!) from Samford University this AM and graduation lunch at Village Tavern. He would get me any new sizes, stood there and told me what looked good, was SOOOOOO encouraging in the midst of trying on clothes with this big old belly and boobs, and was very kind about the fact that I just need some clothes...that fit and are comfortable. He said I was particularly fortunate that he witnessed my trying to get dressed this AM Ha Ha...and knew that I NEEDED new black pants, etc.

I cannot rave about him enough. What a blessing he is to me in general, but he has been particularly incredible during this entire pregnancy, taking care of me and the boys... especially this AM at the graduation when I looked at him and told him that I felt horrible and had to get out of there... my vision was darkening (like I was about to faint) and I felt like I was going go throw up! Turns out, I think I was just OVERheated! That auditorium was way too hot and once I got into the cool hallway, got some water, and went to the potty, I felt MUCH better. Josh was there with me the whole time (not in the potty Ha Ha) and such a great caretaker.

Thank you, Lord, for my precious husband, Josh, that You hand-picked to love me so much. GREAT JOB! :)


Elin said...

What a sweetie! David was a great help while I was pregnant, and still is! He does all the cooking, which was so helpful because I'd get queasy smelling meat cook throughout my pregnancy.

I used to get that faint feeling too when I was too hot, and it usually meant that I needed to drink more water. Keep up the good work. Gestating is HARD!!!

Rachel said...

Love that you have discovered comfy maternity pants. I actually liked my maternity clothes. I also had the faint feeling, darkness come out of no where ALL the time...during both pregnancies. One time I barely got my car of Hwy 31 before the world turned sideways!! Banks always told me to eat more protein.