Friday, March 19, 2010

Following "Hey Y'all"

I don't know much about the "following" process b/c I mostly look at the list of blogs on the bottom right of our blog and then sometimes I "blog stalk" others' blogs through those. Ha ha... I had a reader comment that I don't have a follow section or she'd be following our blog, so I thought I'd add it for those interested :o) You can find it under the "about me" section in the column on the right. It's very flattering and touches my heart that anyone is interested and enjoys reading about our life! Thank you!

Hope y'all are having a BEAUTIFUL Friday!
Praise the Lord for this amazing weather today!


Abby said...

i'll be looking for you at bwood! i've been following your pregnancy... love the nursery btw. good luck and keep those boys in as long as you can!

Ellis said...

Hey! Thanks for your comments on my blog...I am planning on taking my breast pump to the hospital too but will probably leave it in the car unless I need it, just like you said!

Hope you are still feeling good! Have a good day!

Jennifer said...

I love your blog. I found it from a friends blog roll and I love reading about your pregnancy with twins! (I am currently 37 weeks pregnant with a baby girl). I am amazed at how far along you are measuring and wish you the best of luck.