Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dr. appt today

We had our weekly doctor appointment today. It was just the appointment part-no ultrasound, b/c he orders ultrasounds every other week and we had one last Tuesday. The babies' heart rates were healthy and in the 140s. My blood pressure was nice and low (as usual--thank goodness that has not been an issue for me in the slightest). Dr. Banks measured my 30 week belly's fundal height, which came out to be 47 weeks!!! Crazy! He wants me resting as much as possible, which is great with me! Haha. Sweet Josh is having/has already had to take over some responsibilities around the house such as grocery shopping, bathing miley, walking miley, etc. He's a wonderful husband and will be such a sweet daddy to these baby boys! Dr. Banks is also predicting that the boys will be about 6.5-7 lbs a piece around 36-37 weeks, which is when he's predicting I'll deliver. We'll see! :o)

Today is actually Josh's birthday.... He's 28 years young. :o)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET JOSHY! I love you so, so much!~

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The Williamson's said...

Yeah for a good report from the doctor! Happy Birthday Josh!