Monday, March 15, 2010

The Checklist...

As the big arrival of our sweet boys gets closer, I've started a list of things that need to happen, such as going to the fire department to have them install our carseats.... and getting the boys set up with a pediatrician (which I did this AM! YAY!). Those type of things.

Josh and I have decided that starting at a certain week, we will be taking the hospital bag in the car for every appointment just in case. I know that a lot of mommies read our blog and was hoping for your advice.

What do y'all recommend that I put in my hospital bag? (I'm planning to breastfeed)


Elizabeth Moon said...

Have you seen those nursing covers? I have one from Bebe Au Lait and I LOVE it. I use it every day.
I also brought a small box of Godiva with me for after Gwyneth's birth and it was heavenly!

I think the most important thing for a nursing mommy to bring is the right attitude! It will probably hurt for a week or so but the benefits are so amazing once you get past the hard part. :)

Oh yeah, and lanolin is great for soreness, too!

Allison said...

Elizabeth is so right about attitude! As long as you have the right one then all will be fine! I emailed you the list i used for taylor. love ya!

Leslie and Geoff said...

A comfy, easy to tie/untie robe, some comfy slippers (and flip-flops for the shower), and your own pillow and blanket will be lifesavers.

Anna said...

You definitely need to bring a boppy pillow-if you don't have one get one or two-they are great even when you are not using them for nursing(You will probably only need one in the hospital). Make sure you have a pillow and blanket for Josh. An ipod/speaker might be nice in your room. We left it all in the car until I was moved to a room after my c-section. You won't really have anywhere to put it (plus Ryan was relieved to get a little fresh air walking to the car after being in the hospital all morning). For William I brought a few of my own blankets and gowns but found it easier to keep him in the t'shirts and blankets provided by the hospital b/c they washed them :) I did use my own cute hats. Make sure you stash away diapers in your bag each day in the hospital. They will keep giving you more and you will score a few free diapers :) When you leave take everything out of the drawers under the bassinets. You will get thermometers, brushes, and some travel soaps and lotions. You are paying for it so its not really stealing. We even took the t'shirts and blankets :)

stephie1010 said...

wait...why does the fire station install your car seats? did i miss that memo?

Megan said...

I just wanted to say YAY!!! (that you're planning to breast feed)!!!!!

I nursed my twins for 14 months, even with them being in the NICU for 5 weeks and having major road blocks w/ nursing due to that. SO...if you have ANY questions at all on nursing twins...I am here!

You can do it no matter what, don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise! Build up your supply ASAP (I'm talking hours after birth). It's really determined in the first 2 days. I HIGHLY recommend pumping to build up your supply FAST! You could pump after each feeding (tons of work but waaaay worth it).
If you can rent one from the hospital, they are so efficient and really helped build my supply quickly.

Word of advice, the first two months are the hardest (or so I have read in about 20 books) so just be prepared for that. But if you can get past the first 2 months you are sooooooooo GOOD TO GO!!!! TRUST ME!

Again, if you need ANY insight at all...message me!

Love reading your blog :)


Justin and Kristi said...

Taylor it is soo excititng now! It will all happen so fast.... Our list was simple... Cameras, chargers, dvd player (no tv in danish hospital rooms) robe, boppy pillow, comfy pjs, change of clothes for me and my husband, bathroom necessities, and snacks! But, our hospitals here provided everything for me and WIlliam. But, I still had the coming home outfit and one or two little day gowns....

I hope this helps because at this point it all seems overwhelming!!!!

Courtney said...

Ditto to everything they said. Make sure the pj's you bring either button up the front or are V-neck and easy to get in and out of! I didn't have any clothes for Clayton except his going home outfit. Make sure and take some socks for yourself. And you may want to bring several pillows for yourself! Those beds are NOT the most comfortable! It's getting so close! WOW!

The Lamberts said...

Boppy Pillow
Reading Material for when you arent asleep or when feeding the babes
Breast Creme!!! It will be a lifesaver.

I didnt bring food, the hospital supplied all that I needed

Stephanie Day said...

If you have a laptop, take it because Brookwood has wireless internet! They also have a snack room where you and Josh can have all the drinks snacks you want while there.....we also stocked up some in our bags to go home! Get some preemie clothes because newborn ones will probably be too big. Savannah weighed 6lbs 5oz and Cooper weighed 6lbs 10oz and they both wore preemie clothes for about a month!

The Williamson's said...

I agree with everyone's comments. I didn't take my Boppy pillow and I really wished that I had.

Free Breastfeeding cover: Go to and click Shop Now. Pick the cover you like and enter "family" as the promo code and you only pay $9.95 for shipping. I ordered one and just got it last week. it's wonderful!

I also agree that breastfeeding hurts in the beginning but if you can make it past the first few weeks the pain will stop.

I'm so excited that your pregnancy is coming to an end and the boys will be here soon!! Yay!