Thursday, March 25, 2010

EZ 2 Nurse

I'm probably more than appropriately excited that my twin breastfeeding pillow came today!


Elin said...

I'm so glad you are planning to breastfeed! I was the most nervous about nursing - more so that having Emmeline. Don't ask me why, and I was only having one?!?! But we are still at it. Anyway... you are at Brookwood, right? My neighbor is Connie Carlise who is a lactation nurse there. If you see her, let her know we are friends!

Gallegly said...

Breastfeeding is great! Grayson and I had some issues in the first week but one trip to the lactation consultant made it all better. I love being able to give him what no one else can knowing that it's the best possible thing for him. It's seriously cute seeing his freak out 'I'm HUNGRY!' eyes lock on me when I put him on the boppy- he knows it's time to go at that point! Good luck with it- I think it's awesome you're breastfeeding with twins!!!

Abby said...

Props to you for taking the plunge and breastfeeding twins!!! You're gonna do great=)