Thursday, March 18, 2010

The hospital bag checklist...

So, based on talking to my friend Eden, my mom, and all of your wonderful advice, here is the list I've got so far for packing our hospital bag:

*nursing bra/tanks (i'm only taking nursing tanks from Target to wear under jammies)
*call list
*jammies---i got 2 deep V-neck night gowns from Target that are crazy soft!
*big panties
*thin house coat-b/c i might want to put it on, but dont want to be hot
*slippers---slip on in case my feet swell
*video camera/dig camera
*makeup-in case i feel like it
*"going home outfits" for the babies
*a loose/comfty outfit for me to wear home
*nursing pads
*paper/pen-or note pad to remember questions (i will be on meds haha) and to write down info to later put in baby book
*blow dryer-in case i feel like it haha
*netbook (our small laptop to upload pics!)
*special toboggans from aunt paige (josh is bringing ones from hospital home to miley so she can start getting used to new scent)
*hospital favors for josh to hand out---TBD what we're doing but i want something to make josh feel special as a new daddy :o)
*pillow/blanket for josh
*flip flops for shower
*pillow/blanket for me
*twin nursing pillow in case i want it. i've been told that i might not want it b/c of my incision, but i'm brining it in the car just in case.
*change of clothes/toiletries for josh

Am I missing anything? I know the list seems long but I don't really feel like there are frivolous items on it.

Great advice from Anna was also to leave my stuff in the car (except cameras) until after my c-section because there will not be a good place for me to put it, and it will also give Josh a nice breather to get out of the hospital and walk to the car after an exciting, yet crazy busy morning.

Thank y'all so much for your advice. You are always such a great resource and willing to help when I need your wisdom. Thank you for taking the time to help me! Y'all are amazing!


Ellis said...

I may copy that checklist for myself... :)

Have a great weekend!

Anna said...

You know I actually found it comforting to have a pillow putting pressure on my insision-especially when I got up to walk so you may enjoy the nursing pillow. Great list by the way-you are definitely more prepared than I was. Of course with our house being 2 minutes from the hospital (as is the case with you also) then it was not a problem for someone to run home and get something.

sandy said...

I see that you said you were taking your target nursing tank to wear as a pj. Glamourmom makes a great sleepwear (pj set, nightgown)in super soft pima cotton.

I got one as a baby shower gift, and I literally lived in them the first couple of months.

Justin and Marcie said...

You don't have a "follow" gadget or I'd be following you. I don't know you but I see your blog from Allison Williamson's blog. I love the detail you've given throughout your pregnancy! The nursery is GORGEOUS and I love both baby names!!!

Courtney said...

The nursing tanks from Target are a HUGE must - and you must have quite a few! I had 2 white ones, a gray one and a black one. That is all I wore for basically 6 months. And all I slept in. Great checklist!

Stefanie said...

I can't think of anything you missed on your list... however, I took a hair dryer and laughed about that later. There was NO way I was going to take the time to dry my hair! Better to have it than not if you want it though.
OH- just thought of something- your baby book if you want their footprints in them. The nurses were very nice about doing an extra set for our book.