Monday, November 5, 2012

Excellent evidence.

Last week, my momma told me that my daddy has this week off from work and that they would like to take the boys to do something fun. (background: my momma broke her back May 2011, had surgery June 2012 and it failed July 2012. She is in a lot of pain that she is working to manage as her back heals some post surgery, so her activity level abilities vary depending on her pain level that day). She and my daddy came to pick the boys up at 9:30 and they headed to the McWane Scince Center. Afterward, they called me to meet them for lunch at Jim N Nicks in Homewood. Apparently the boys were worn out from all of the fun and the time change this weekend, because they were sacked out before they made it to the restaurant. Bless their sweet hearts! My parents generously offered to buy me lunch to take home with me anyways. I gladly accepted and was pleasantly surprised to find out that Jim N nicks has a drive-thru! Yay!

While they were gone, I was home alone... Which NEVER happens. I finished my coffee and got to it. Man, I was a cleaning machine, de-cluttering the laundry room and kitchen... Washing/drying/folding clothes... Unloading and loading the dishwasher... Cleaning the kitchen, Etc. I did such a fabulous job that Josh let out a big "Wow!!!" when he walked in from work this evening. Haha :) I suggested that it was excellent evidence supporting how great it would be for my productivity around the house to meet our goal of getting the boys in one or two days of Mothers Day Out in the Fall. He chuckled and agreed. Score.

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