Sunday, November 25, 2012

The past week (week of nov 11)

I usually look through my pictures to help me get a good idea of what we have been up to lately. Since my last post we have been to the Vestavia library for "holiday in the hills" open house, which was kind of a bust bc they were out of cookies to decorate (or main reason to go).

We also got a McWane Center membership thanks to early Christmas present from Regenia and Milton! Yay! There was a $20 off deal through Birmingham Mommy, so Regenia have us the green light! I'm looking forward to hours of fun at MC and hoping to take friends with us--I think we get two more adults and 4 more kids in with us?! Amazing! Thank you, Gigi and Papa!!!

On Sunday evenings this semester, josh and I have been doing a small group based on the book "Fresh Air" written by our pastor, Chris Hodges. Love him. Love my church--Church of the Highlands! If you are ever interested in visiting, please let me know because we would love for you to join us! The small group has been such a joy and we have made some new friends I'm really excited to get to know better :) The pic of the snacks is from small group. We take turns bringing it and, like a nerd, it is exciting to me to find out what snack is each week! Haha

Speaking of our awesome church, Sunday was the first of two sermons in a series called "At the Movies". One of my favorites!

Josh, the boys, and I live less than a mile from my parents and we love it! It's is so easy to jet right over to eat dinner together and hang out for a bit. Last Saturday we went over to do just that and josh was excited to get the opportunity to watch the LSU vs Ole Miss game! I'm pretty sure thats who it was...I was distracted with my momma all snuggled up behind her laptop helping her design her Christmas card! Let me just say that there are some SUPER cute sugar babies wishing all of her friends and family Merry Christmas this year :) I'm also quite excited about our card that probably wouldn't have happened if I hadn't gotten a Groupon! Yay!

Josh, the boys, and I also made a trip to Yogurt Lab for a special snack one afternoon. Excuse me... josh, Bob the tomato, Bob the tomato (2) and I went. (see pics) :)

My boys also had their month birthday... They are 2 years and 7 months old now. Officially on the downward slope to 3 years old. Unreal! They are so much fun and so funny! The other day JH was eating breakfast and said "I hear poop, momma!"...
...(um what? Hahaha) "Really, baby? Where do you hear it?".
JH: "In my body!" ...
Well, I guess you can't argue with that! Bless his sweet bones.

We also let Miley come sleep in our room again. We had previously given her the boot to the den when we had a bout with fleas. Ugh. It was miserable. I think things have been under control for a while so she's been allowed back in, although I think she prefers the couch in the den and stays there most nights. Haha

One morning the boys also decided they needed to do their bible study while I did mine at the dining room table. It was so sweet and touched my heart.

I guess that's the week in a nutshell :) hope you're well, blessed and have a happy thanksgiving!

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